I got brotherhood for Christmas (Bombcast question)

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On today's Game of the Year bombcast with about four minutes left Patrick says something about "the twist in AC: Brotherhood." Since I don't want it spoiled can anyone tell me at what time they stop talking about that or should I just skip the last four minutes all together?

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#2 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -

They talk about it literally up to the last minute. When they start talking about the most disappointing games, and mention Assassins Creed, just stop listening.

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#3 Posted by pyromagnestir (4453 posts) -

@mosespippy: You just want to avoid the brotherhood stuff? Well I didn't account for that in my Unofficial Time Stamps thread. They talk about Assassin's Creed up til the very end, as @psylah: said.

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@pyromagnestir: Yeah, just the Brotherhood stuff. From the sounds of things AC2 Revelations and AC3 aren't good and I wasn't particularly fond of 2 to begin with* so I doubt I'll play any others after Brotherhood.

*I didn't like the combat, climbing, characters, story or mission design of AC2 and yet somehow I liked the game enough to want to do more. I don't know how that works.

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