Looking for people to play AC:Brotherhood with

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#1 Posted by TH3R1S1NG (22 posts) -

Recently it's been basically impossible to get into matches on Brotherhood because almost no one is playing it anymore it seems, if anyone would like to play with me to finish out the multiplayer achievements it would be awesome. We would need a total of six people. Post in this forum thread or PM me to set up a game.

P.S. The achievements I need are: "Strong Closer", "Download Complete", "Role Model", "Abstergo Employee Of The Month" and "Ahead Of The Curve"

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#2 Posted by Perilion (26 posts) -

I would quite like to get all of them too if at all possible, I've got other games on the go at the moment but I wouldnt be apposed to stopping them in favor of this if we can get a game on the go. I'm interested!

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