Should I care about subject 16's puzzles?

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I'm playing AC:B on the pc right now and I'm LOVING IT!  I think its a big improvement over AC2 which I also enjoyed.  I stopped short of solving all of subject 16's puzzles in AC2, I also don't remember much of the video as well and I don't think it had an influence on my understanding of the AC2 universe.  I've already stopped caring about subject 16's puzzles in AC:B seeing how the actual game is just so much more fun to play.  Seeing as I can just youtube the "Truth" if necessary for both games, should I still attempt to unlock all the videos?  

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If you don't want to do the puzzles and don't care about the achievements/trophies then just youtube it.  They're both pretty interesting. 

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I'd say you owe it to yourself to at least youtube the scene if your into the story and fiction. Its also a nice diversion from the missions and fun to seek them out.

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If you liked The Truth in Assassin's Creed 2, you should definitely find and solve these as well. It's not AS interesting overall, but some of the revelations will drop your damn jaw.

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The puzzles are very simple so they won't strain your brain and I found finding them fun. In my opinion you should unlock them, they really add a lot to the story. 
And what in the world? At least my mind was blown by the Subject 16 video from AC2.

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I found the subject 16 missions to be a nice subplot of the game, so if you like puzzles and want to see something interesting (that I'd say is something quite substantial to the AC storyline), finish the missions so you get to see the end. it's better (and maybe makes more sense) than in the second game.

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Wow, thanks for the good input guys, Intelligent reply's are why giant bomb has the best community( most of the time :P).  I think I will then take time to find all of 16s puzzles and solve them.  I just enjoy the actual game so much that I want to keep on going non-stop with missions, investing, guild stuff, taking over borgia territory's and so on that I tend to run past buildings with 16s insignias and never look back.  I think I'll have to youtube 16s video in AC2 since I didn't find the last three puzzles and I don't think I can go back into the game after I've beaten it.

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I actually think the stuff about the templars during the puzzles the most interesting things in both Assassin's Creed 2 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. I love hearing about the Templar power during 2012.

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I know you guys told me I should, but I haven't stopped to do a single puzzle yet.  Too much to do! I gotta level my assassins, and burn down borgia towers!  

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