Should I play.

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As many of you might know Ubisoft is having a sale on steam and today it is for Assassin Creed. I have never played an AC game before and just wanted to know if i should start from the first one or just hop right into AC2 and brotherhood. From what I heard from the bombcast a few months back was just to skip AC 1 and play the other two. What do you guys think, am I going to miss out on anything by not playing the first one? Thanks.

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@Pozer27: I'd say for their prices, all the games are worth it. The hardest recommendation is Revelations because it's (IMO) the worst in the series and currently the most expensive. If I sit down and think about it, Brotherhood is probably my favourite title.

I think this trailer sells Brotherhood for most people.

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@project343: brotherhood is at 60% cant wait to play it :D

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You should play.

I'd just tell you to play all of them, I'm one of the rare ones that loved Assassin's Creed.

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@Cloudenvy: Me too.

@Pozer27: Don't just jump into brotherhood, you should look at all the story stuff. Read a wiki on AC1 but i would say play all the others.

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@project343: My thinking exactly. Brotherhood was the best of them all so far (gotta wait for 3 to come out, then 4 a year after that, because Ubisoft). But Revelations was alright-ish, if you overlook the 19 different bomb combos you had to learn (instead of just 4 types that could have done the same thing), or that awful tower defense mini-game.

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@Pozer27: Well, don't jump right into Brotherhood. The story of Desmond (I find) is super compelling. You'll want to experience AC1 and AC2 before playing Brotherhood.

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@Pozer27 The story of Desmond starts with the first, but the game mechanics can be little rough. ACII is masterly done compared, and I still play it from time to time. I'd say you can watch the videos from the first one on YouTube, then play ACII and Brotherhood after that again. You can't fully enjoy the story of AC:B without playing ACII.

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You really need to play the whole series. Jumping in at Brotherhood is like the worst idea ever.

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