So, how about those multiplayer trophies?

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"Abstergo Employee of The Month" and "Role Model" ... 
Do any of you fine folks have them? I've played over 20 hours (and have hit level 50) of AC:B online and i've never been close to getting Extreme Variety (which is one of the requirements for AEoTM).  And role model? Well, that requires actually working together as a team, and well.. People just don't do that by accident it seems. 
These two are the last trophies I need to get a platinum and.. well.. how about some quid pro quo? Surely there are others out there who needs these.

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@Southgrove: Hey this may be late but myself and my friend also need these trophies.
My PSN is: Pie_Guy 
my friend is: JustHero.  
We both had headsets and we can use Skype if need be too.
Not sure what region you are from. We are from the UK, so for the sake of time difference we'll need to work something out if you're elsewhere.

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