UPlay erasing old Assassin's Creed saves?

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I just got my copy of AC3 today, and fired up Brotherhood so I could finish the last parts of the game and get into 3. When I did, all my saves were gone. Everything else was there... my patches, my title updates, my achievements... just no saves. I did some researching, and apparently there is something that used to happen with UPlay that corrupted old saves and caused them to get deleted:


I called tech support, and they blamed the title update. The same title update that I installed when I first got the game in September. I know I can just YouTube the rest of the game, like I planned to do with Revelations, but that is seriously crap. I can't even put in Assassin's Creed 3 right now. I'm too angry at Ubisoft.


An Aside: Ubisoft also has--by far--the worst holding music I've ever had to deal with. As in, they don't have holding music. They play the same voice announcement every 13 seconds, until you finally get someone on the line who sounds like they're reading from the support page. After 10 minutes of waiting, I memorized it. I'm sure the rank 1 CSR love having the callers nice and angry before a call by hearing the following repeated over 40 times: "Thank you for continuing to hold. All of our representatives are still busy helping other customers. If you would like to continue holding, you'll be connected with the next available representative. If you would prefer not to hold, you can also find solutions by going to the support section of our website at support.ubi.com."

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Well that's unfortunate.

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