Will I understand the story if I haven't played Assassin's Creed?

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#1 Posted by Travis (224 posts) -

Sorry if there's already a topic on this, but I'm a little late to the Assassin's Creed party and just bought AC2.. will I be able to jump in and understand what's going on? If not, what should I know before playing?

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Watch the story on Youtube if you can find the time, or the ending at least. Then you should be fine. I think... anyway.

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#3 Posted by bartok (3183 posts) -

Just look up the story online.

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#4 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

Yes, no major stuff has been revealed other than the war between assassins and templars raging for thousands of years and the recent development of technology that allows access to genetic memories (which you probably already know.)

At the beginning of AC1 your memories are being searched by the templars for an artifact that you find by the end of the game. The artifact is a map to pieces of eden, relics with the power to control people (among other things.)

AC2 picks up right when a templar is revealed to be a spy for the assassins and you both break out of the facility where the templars are holding you.

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#5 Posted by TheKramer89 (502 posts) -

At this point in time, starting with AC2 is really the only way to go. Read up on AC1 if you want to, but it's probably not necessary. I only got about a third through AC1, and I like to think i understand everything pretty well.

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Read the plot synopsis on the wiki page and you are set. Only things you need to know are the real-world setup and characters, who are the assassins and templars, and who is Desmond.

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#7 Posted by Marz (6072 posts) -

um....  you don't miss much, but it's cool to know what was happening and how Desmond realizes what Abstergo really is.   You sort of get a recap in AC2 on the first game.. but really, if you want to be invested in  the story it might be wise to play AC1 or watch some youtube videos... but if you just want a game to play because the gameplay is fun, start with AC2.

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#8 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

For the most part, yea.

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Yes!!!! I bought AC1 in store -used- and got home to realize they gave me AC2 in AC1's case. Happy surprise. Played through and learned the whole story of the first one and then some. Played 1 right after and not only was the gameplay of 2 better and probably the reason I got into AC (1 wasn't great so might have not gotten into it) but you get a better understanding of the story but either way you're not missing much, (in my eyes.)

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Yes you will, you'll fully understand it. Story wise you won't miss anything since the whole thing you're trying to do in all of Assassin's Creed is introduced at the very end of the first. You'll just miss the somewhat short time through the campaign, where you meet the protagonist that started it all, and a few somewhat integral Templar characters. Whether you want to experience the original is fully up to you. I suggest just reading the wiki if anything. Again, most people wouldn't think so because they probably did side missions, but if you go just for the campaign in the first, and skip all the side missions, you can beat it really quickly.

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