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Assasins creed is one of the most enjoyable and stunning game of 2009.The sequel to the succesful game assasins creed is here and is better than it,s predecessor.Every mistake that was in the original has fixed here with more passion.GAMEPLAY:The are so many things that is difficult to say them all but isn,t bad instead is absolutle a very good reason.You now control a new character.Ezio Auditore.His more agily than Altair the protagonist from the original assasins creed.But iaside from Altair Ezio has it;s human side that you can see from the very bigining of the game.He is apeard  to go with a lot of women and from a simple noble man that his is in the bigining his become a master assasin later.A new addicion is the economy system and is a very important aspect of the game because you can by so many things such as weapons,swords,mauls,knifes and others,smoke bombes,medicines from a doctor another new addicion,maps,paintings,colors for your clothes,armors and others,Also you can upgrade the buildings in villa monterigioni to come more visitors. The combat system has improved as well.You can now steal your enemies wepons and use them with devastating comat technicues that are satysfyed to watch.You can grab your enemies to and choose to kill them with your sword,do them a headshot,a knhee attack,hit them with punches or throw them from a hich cliff.Another cool addicion is the introduction of a famous and historical person the legendary Leonardo Da Vinchi.He will equip ypu with your hiden blade from the original and some new weapons as well such as the two hiden blades,the ploison blade,the famous fly machine and a pistol.You can ride a carage to to go to a specific places and is very nice to do that.You have now the ability to swim and to do a dive swim as well.There are and other stuffs to do if you want to explore such as find hiden chests that contain money collect some tablets from the new catacombs that require to solve puzzles that are excellent enviromental puzzles and of course the enjoyable platforming.This will remind to someones with the prince of persia series and you can use mechanics to open gates and other things.The double assasinations has aded as well,you can use even a boat,ride a horse and fight or go for a waik with it,stop thieves and others.Another new  element is that you can blent with any civiliant you want to kill a target,still from civilians or to not see you the guards.You can loot from dead bodies,pichup bodies,or take a weapon from the ground and use it.Some new platforming has added to the already fluid gameplay.The eagle vision has it,s  improvrments as well such as see things in the walls and then solve a puzzle to discoverit.The repetiteve nature tat was in the first assasins creed it doesn,t exist here because of the diferent,fresh and enjoyable missions.You  have to deliver documents,kill targets and do so many and diferent things.There are also and side missions but unfortunately there are a little repetiteve but it has it,s fun as well.STORY:The story follows the ezio auditore that when a traitor of the family kills the brothers and father of the ezio he seeks revenge to kill those that destroy his family and stop the templar order.GRAPHICS:The graphics inassasins creed 2 are impressive and you can see the ralism that exist in this open ended world when you steal the citizens scream bastardo and others cool screams that you you are in there.LASTING APEAL:Go get it now you want disapoint.

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