Does anyone understand the multiplayer for this?

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After going through the tutorial, reading the manual and fumbling around a bit I still have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be doing or the goal in multiplayer is for this. Has anyone else had a hard time trying to get into it?

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You kill people? D: honestly I cant say ... I stopped playing AC games at 2

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I'd want to help, but I haven't touched Assassin's Creed III: Liberation yet. Is it not the standard AC multiplayer?

Ah, apparently it isn't. Weird.

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@Aetheldod said:

You kill people? D: honestly I cant say ... I stopped playing AC games at 2

It's not your traditional AC multiplayer. It's like a top down location strategy game.

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@FluxWaveZ: Yeah I have no clue why the hell they didn't just do the standard AC multiplayer. Even if you have to lower it to like 4 player free for all modes or another downsizing measure anything is better than what it currently is. I can't imagine anyone enjoying what's in there now.

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The "multiplayer" in this game is somehow stupider than even the worst facebook/mobile games, I'm amazed it made it into the finished product.

They make it seem like it's a world conquest type strategy game but it's really just a glorified clickfest, and goddamn are people clicking, it's baffling.

The worst part is everyone that plays it is playing the same side (assassin's) and there is no reward for winning, so a game that should take 7 days to play out finishes every 16 hours and for whatever reason everyone gets right back on and does the same thing all over again.

Stupid game for stupid people I guess....

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@aetheldod: If you enjoyed 2, Brotherhood holds up I eventually grew to like Revelations but that was after playing 3 and missing having a personable character. I'll keep buying and playing them though hoping to recapture that really good feeling I got from 2. Hell that game got me to buy "The Saboteur" on the off chance it was remotely similar.

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@msavo: I've played a bit of it and... I maybe have the vaguest sense of what's going on? I spent the past few times I've booted up the game sending every one of my units to the place in, I think, South America to go on a mission to raise one of their stats, after which they are unavailable for 8 hours. During this time, I quite literally can't do anything productive for the game, so I went back to playing the single player.

I get that you're supposed to attack the nodes that the enemy controls and defend your team's nodes against the enemy, but the game fails to give you any sense that what you are doing (which, to be fair, is just tapping icons on the screen and waiting for timers to expire so you can tap on more icons) is in any way having an effect on the current round, let alone furthering your team's cause.

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