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Hey guys!

One of my best friends recently started an Assassin's Creed Multiplayer podcast called AnimiCast with a bunch of people who are in the top 100 of the leaderboards, which he is a part of also. They're 3 episodes in, and the traffic for the podcast is increasing which is pretty crazy as my buddy has never done this kind of shit before. He's heard about Ubisoft maybe possibly doing the E-Sports thing with this version of the Multiplayer. Not only that, but they also gave them an interview with the Art Director for the multiplayer portion of the game, which includes the level design and the character designs.

I'd paste the interview here, but I think he deserves all the traffic he can get. He's really put a lot of work in to creating a community for the multiplayer side of Assassin's Creed, and I'd like to help him maintain and grow the community as well.


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They think AC3 will be competitive enough for E-Sports? Interesting....

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Maybe, there seems to be a large enough community for it. People still religiously play Brotherhood multiplayer to this day.

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