Assassin Recruit bug? (One of many)

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#1 Posted by InternetCrab (1582 posts) -

Salutations duders!

So I've been playing a helluva ACIII this week, and I just liberated the South District of New York, where I believe Jacob Zenger is your contact (or was it Boston)?

Anyway when I completed all the missions I did not get the contact mission. It said I got Zenger as an recruit. First I was like; Awesome, more recruits, less work.

Then when I was going to send him on a mission, I couldn't find him anywhere! What is this? I need solutions! Please help me community.

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#2 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

He's the guy with the big hat right? Check your logbook to see if you did do all of them. I was missing on for a while.

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