Assassin's Creed 3 PS3 Version worries

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#1 Posted by snakeitachi (214 posts) -

Past assassin's creed's from AC2 to revelations have had unbearable amount of screen tearing on the Playstation 3 versions of the games. Question is for anyone who has the game early on PS3, does the game still have this issue? I am really hoping the new engine has fixed this huge annoyance.

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#2 Posted by Bell_End (1234 posts) -

unless sony have somehow snook in some kind of upgrade since the last one id be expecting a similar performace.

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#3 Posted by mordukai (8514 posts) -

Did Ubisoft changed the engine? I thought AC3 just uses a newer version of it.

Well the E3 demo was played on a PS3 and it looked fine but it could have well been a highly polished section of the game and the main game will have it's can of worms. Frankly I'm expecting AC3 to have a whole new can of worms as this game just seems to ambitious for the current gen systems.

IN short, you have to look at all the past AC games and see that the PS3 was always the last of the three versions so I don't think there will be major change.

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#4 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -

was there a lot of screen tearing in revelations? i honestly didn't notice

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#5 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

Since I've played the first Assassin's Creed on my 1st gen 20gig ps3 I had no problems with it at all. Then I upgraded to the Slim ps3 180gig I believe and played ac2 through revelations and I still have yet to have a problem. I might be a lucky one with this and I hope my luck continues. Plus Ubisoft says the built AnvilNext "From the ground up" with all new mechanics. I hope this is true. Here is a video about it as well.

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#6 Posted by ChadMasterFlash (1000 posts) -

I've played both AC2 and Brotherhood on the PS3 and had no problems.

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#7 Posted by Geralt (445 posts) -

I find it helps if you just "let it go". I played all Assassin's Creed games and most of all Fallout series on PS3.

But I guess sometime you just can't unseen these kind of things.

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#8 Posted by snakeitachi (214 posts) -

Got it, the screen tearing is the worst. Unbearable

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#9 Posted by happenstance (522 posts) -

I did notice a bit of screen tearing at the beginning but after that it either stopped or I just stopped noticing it anymore. Either way it hasnt made the game any less enjoyable for me.

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#10 Posted by firecracker22 (728 posts) -

The screen tearing seems way less than it was in AC II. I haven't noticed any so far, which I think is a step up from AC II. The screen tearing in that game was pretty damn bad.

So, seems improved in that department to me.

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#11 Posted by linkster7 (1366 posts) -

I've played the ps3 version for some hours now, no screen tearing I can see, and I'm usually a stickler when it comes to it.

Framerate on the other hand......

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#12 Posted by HulkHanson (79 posts) -
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#13 Posted by snakeitachi (214 posts) -

i confused screen tearing with frame rate. beacuse the fps in cities FUCKING SUCKS ON PS3! UGH

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