Assassin's Creed Puzzles

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I've looked back quite a few pages to make sure this wasn't done already so here it goes. I hope to god they have puzzles like Subject 16's in the previous games. I loved solving these and getting that major video at the end which blew my mind away and actually helped in the next game since it's ending was directly related to it. But I hope there is some sort of puzzle either directly involved with the modern times or some ancient puzzles instead that have to do with treasure or knowledge of some sort. Anyone else have idea's or anything at all? (First topic by the way)

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You know, I liked those parts too. I think they're probably doing something different than that, more like they did with Revelations and the (boring) block-projection-puzzle thing. Who knows. Maybe they'll go back to what worked in past and stop throwing weird minigames in. The Subject 16 puzzles were actually entertaining and had a decent reward at the end.

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Yea that's what I loved about the Subject 16 puzzle to. It was a bit mind blowing. I was thinking today that it would be pretty cool, even if it was just a dlc, that there was a Freemason's Treasure Hunt through each city or across the whole map. Even be a downloadable map to search to find more truth or hidden stories about Altair or Desmond or the First Civilization. Who knows, I'd be happy for a Puzzling Treasure Hunt in general though.

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I hope is something more like the truth in AC2 those where kinda hard and your reward was really worth it, that video is still pretty damn crazy!

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I liked the idea of them, but I could never solve any. I'm not smart :(

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@Lord_Xp said:

I would like something more focused to the time period, instead of looking at paintings maybe using native american markins and sings to solve the puzzles, manipulating the enviroment ( luring animals or something) to reveal a hidden path , I don't know I would be happy with them anyway I just want to see more classic moments and pictures of world history where the pieces of eden have intervened to change history (like Tesla having the apple for example).

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thanks! That's some really good news that I just read. I appreciate the link to. The Native American puzzle would be a neat idea. Or even a Freemason's one since they have always been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories.

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