How to unequip weapons.

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How the hell am i suposes to uneqip weapons in this game cause i hate haveing a dame battle axe on my guy.

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A simple google search reveled this .

Note that I don't own the game (waiting for the PC version) so I have no sure to verify this, but his answer was so to the point that it seemed like it would be the right one.

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@Z3RO180: quote from ubisoft forum:

"You can also equip a war club in place of the sword which you can then throw at an enemy by pressing triangle and I think Y for the xbox. This will get rid of it so u just have the tomahawk again"

I haven't tested it but people say it works. EDIT: Tesed it, works great....

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@deskp: thanks dude

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@deskp: you woudent knpoow how to make the duel pistol thing would you

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@Z3RO180: You craft it at the homestead when you have the required things.

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