Killing on the move

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Or whatever that system is called. How the hell does it actually work?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm refering to the new mecanic in AC3 you use to run up to a dude, stabe him while moving and continue running.

I've had probleme getting it to work. It seems that half the time, if my ennemie isn't standing still I'll just hit him with a regular attack.

I was even forced to abandon a secondary objective in a mission because I couldn't get it to work consistently.

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Ive had exactly the same problems, it just seems really finnicky.

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So no one knows???

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As far as I understand it, you have to...

  1. Target him with L1/LB
  2. Have your hidden blade selected
  3. Be running at him
  4. He mustn't be in an alerted state

But, yeah, it's hard to reproduce especially in time-sensitive missions. I just end up throwing poison darts or shooting with the pistol.

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You don't need to target them. You just have to be running at their front or back. It does not work if hit them on the side.

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You have to be in high profile with your blades at the ready. When in doubt, jam on X right as you're running at the guy.

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#7 Posted by Klei (1798 posts) -

@UberExplodey said:

You have to be in high profile with your blades at the ready. When in doubt, jam on X right as you're running at the guy.

No need for hidden blades. It works with the Tomahawk.

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#8 Posted by UberExplodey (998 posts) -

thanks internet.

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That's always worked fine for me, but double stealth kills with the hidden blades almost never work for me in this game. Like only 1/10 stealth kills it'll properly trigger, It always worked well in the previous games. I guess it's fine if they 'toned' it down, since it forced me to try different things.(Neck snaps and rope darts 4 lyfe)

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When an enemy is not alerted:

Hold the attack button and run towards them.

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Run at him and mash square/or whatever on pc or 360 and yeah. It works with bayonets hidden blades and the tomahawk (or daggers) that I can tell haven't tried with the sword yet. I don't know if it works if he's facing you I know for sure it works in chase sequences.

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