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So people have been complaining or just curious I guess as to how Desmond is related to an aboriginal person. To me that seems pretty easy to explain away, family trees are huge, somewhere in there is this ancestor, and for all we know, maybe it's not Desmond's ancestor.

What I'm curious about is the status of the Assassins Order. Will it be established like AC1 and Rev, or will it have disappeared, to be rediscovered by the protagonist? Will the order be largely made up of Europeans, with a few Aboriginal recruits? How did they convince them to join the assassins?

I don't know much about this time period, is it feasible that the assassins have set up shop here for some time, are they just arriving or do they have an established presence already.

It probably sounds like I'm asking the same question over and over, which I am I suppose. I'm just curious about how and why this guy is in the Assassins order, Altair was already in it, he had been born and lived in it his whole life. And it was forced upon Ezio, who originally only took it up to avenge his family.

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Well of course I know little about the new AC game and it's story line. Thought I have heard rumors about the protagonist being of either European or Native American decent. Which in my eyes, knowing how Revelations left off left so many unanswered questions. I am hoping this person is the new link: a more recent Ezio and a recent forefather of Desmond... which will hopefully provide insight on why in modern day Desmond is and was forced to be as Assassin.

I would like to believe that they are all directly related either by blood or by the order and possibly overlap ages where say this new guy had direct contact or was a mentor or even a father to say Desmond's father or him himself.???

Your guess is as good as mine right now!

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It's simple. One of Ezio's progeny comes over to the New World and has sex with one of the locals. Cue protagonist.

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He is the son of a british soldier and a native American. In which ever case desmond could have lineage drawn from either side.

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Family Trees aren't absolute....or biased for one side or the other.

Who says Desmond's native american ancestor has to be a little Italian? He could just be Native American and then later on down his line it meets up with Desmond's Italian heritage. It would be a huge coincidence to be an assassin though...

Although maybe the descendants of the native american line and the italian line got together because they were in the same order.

@Jason_Bourne: To reply to your question, maybe they'll tie the American forefathers into it and they hire and train the Native American to help fight against the Templar British Empire.

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Shut up 
that's why

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@Dany said:
He is the son of a british soldier and a native American. In which ever case desmond could have lineage drawn from either side.
Most likely this. Alternate side missions incoming. 
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Not that hard to figure out...tons of Americans have at least a little Native American blood in them. I'm something like 1/16 Cherokee...

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