"The Fight" Homestead Mission....WTF

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I am stuck on a homestead mission called "The Fight". It is a minigame involving two Irishmen in a disput and Connor has to break them up. You have to use the sticks to slide this meter so they separate. Simple? I have no idea how to beat it and the game won't let me continue until I solve it. It's the most bull**** minigame I've played since the first Force Unleashed. Has anyone else encountered this side mission and were able to beat it?

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okay, it's a weird one, gave me a lot of trouble since I play on a huge tv, best strategy is to move the the cursors over the bars as little as possible sort of bouncing the bars off the symbol. It is indeed an awful minigame

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Yeah you have to basically slowly pull them apart with the sticks while dealing with them suddenly rushing ahead. You have to keep the cursors on the inside of the little bars, and use that to push.

It's a pretty stupid QTE.

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I managed to get past it less by looking at the bars for the game, and more by looking at the guys on the screen, basing where to move the sticks according to how far apart Connor had pushed them. A lot easier. For me, anyway.

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Thank you. I was able to get past it and continue playing. I hope I do not enocunter it agian.

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