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Great game, might be the best Assassin's Creed so far or at least my favorite one.

Great game, might be the best Assassin's Creed so far (haven't played Valhalla yet), at least my favorite one for sure.

It reminds me a lot of witcher 3 with some Breath of the Wild in there. Not as good dynamic systems as BOTW or as good of a story as W3 but it gets close in both aspects! The gameplay is real climby and combat is good including the assassinations, better than witcher 3. Story is almost up there with witcher 3 for me.

Only possible downside is that it might be a bit long, it took me 71h according to the game or 85h according to Steam to get to the end of the main quest and then there is lots of good story content left after that not including DLC. Keep in mind that I didn't mainline the story and I went exploring a bunch.

I'm at 90-100h in so far and I still haven't finished all the "odyssey" content that the main game offers but I'm getting there and then I still got the DLC to play.

If long games aren't what you want then maybe look elsewhere but I enjoyed it all the way.

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