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The "junk" in the loading text is actually encoded base64. I transcribed it all:

06102001 IRemember

21032002 BlackHills

16030002 WoodSmoke

08212002 MotherSad

08212002 FatherMad

22072002 NothingIsTrue

22072002 EverythingIsPermitted

04022003 BoredOfWarStories

30082003 PainMillers

23082003 FacesInStone

16082003 Escape

23082003 WhatIsThisPlace

16052003 ChicagoGirls

27082003 NotFarEnough

11032204 TheyWillFindMe

03032005 JustACult


16082008 SoMuchNoise

12062008 CALLHOME!

16022009 TheEverythingCity

04022011 JustAddGin

17092011 TheJMZ

08082012 I Am Not Alive

09082012 BadWeather

10082012 NineYearsAlone

18092012 AreYouDesmondMiles?

19092012 Bastards!

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Also, here's a screencap or two of the bits that flash at the end. <== yay subject 16?

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