Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer matching issues

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#1 Posted by ProlificShadow (412 posts) -

Me and a couple friends picked up AC:R at midnight and have been trying to play the multiplayer. We loved AC:B multiplayer and very rarely had any problems with it. The only problem we've had with the AC:R multiplayer is that, we can't find anyone else playing. If we do actually get in a match, it's with one other person and they split our party up. We've played with medium and high activity. Is this just a matter of the game only being out for a day? I wouldn't think so considering the activity. Does no one play team modes in AC:R? Have you guys been having the same experience?

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I think it's an issue with matchmaking with a party. I was able to find games on my own no problem, but when I was in a party with another guy we ran into some issues. We got into the first game no problem, but when the match was over we were dumped out on our own to find another match, which never happened. We spend 10 minutes trying to get into another game with no luck. Guess they have some kinks to work out.

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Hopefully they'll work it out. I think AC:B (and consequently AC:R) have arguably the most unique multiplayer on the market.

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#4 Posted by Anatana (28 posts) -

I haven't had to wait more than like 20 or 30 seconds tops for a match as a soloist. havent tried in a party

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#5 Posted by Stew (39 posts) -

For what it's worth, I also couldn't get this to find a match when I was in a party.

However, when I joined a game solo, my friend was able to jump into that game as well. As long as we chose to rematch, we were in the same game.

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#7 Posted by Vasta_Narada (680 posts) -

I find it near-impossible to find games with the Play Now button; it's almost entirely fine when using the Custom Games option.

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#8 Posted by Slaker117 (4873 posts) -

I have been completely unable to connect to their servers. I have a good connection and no issues like this in any other game. Don't know what's up.

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