Is anyone still playing this game's online mode?

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#1 Posted by toomuchcraig (270 posts) -

Just curious to how many people in the Giant Bomb community are still playing this feature, months after it's release date and also since Ubisoft are releasing (rather lame) DLC for it. Also what modes do you mostly participate in? I usually play Wanted all the time.

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#2 Posted by Ksaw (363 posts) -

Yeah, I pretty much exclusively play wanted. I bought the map pack the day it came out but nobody else did so I still haven't got to play any of those damn maps. Lame.

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#3 Posted by deskp (507 posts) -

I havent played in a while cause of shitty internet, but i prefer the team modes.

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I rented this game a week ago just to play the online. I'm considering buying it once I'm done with Reckoning.

Wanted/Deathmatch are fun.

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Never even redeemed my online pass. I give Ubisoft points for doing something unique, but it just isn't for me.

I pretty much only played Wanted during the beta and in Brotherhood, though.

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They just did a double XP weekend and it was packed, I played it a lot.

I'm really enjoying Corruption mode, it gets so tense when you're the last one hiding. Make sure you spec for a chase because they'll find you eventually! The two Artifact modes are great too but it depends on who you're playing with - most of the time people will just be running around like they forgot what game it is.

I still kind of prefer Brotherhood because the character designs were much more broad and distinct. Like now, for every feature I use to distinguish between people at a distance, there are at least two people with the same thing. Two guys in cloaks, two guys in armour, a whole bunch of women in dresses that I can't figure out at all from the little portrait in the corner, etc.

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#7 Posted by WilyBoy (168 posts) -

I played a bunch of it after christmas, and I've been meaning to get back to it but I'm distracted by other games.

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#8 Posted by mtmckinley (171 posts) -

Old post, yeah, but I just recently got into it and am enjoying it a lot. I prefer the traditional modes, like Assassination, Deathmatch, etc. Corruption is fun too.

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After seeing the AC3 e3 demo and once again realizing how behind in the story I was, I went out and grabbed Brotherhood and Revelations. I've been catching up on the single player on my days off work. If you have either and want someone to bop around multiplayer with, hit me up. Due to my job, the times I'm most active on XBL are Fri/Sat evening.

XBL GT= Spitznock

(Thanks to the nature of random folks online, I have public communications turned off, so if you're planning on sending me a F.R., lemme know on here first so I don't discard it as spam.)

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