Is this game worth buying?

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I am working my way through Brotherhood, and I am loving the story so far. Ryan's review and bombcast discussions have kind of turned me off from Revelations, and I have seen the same sentiment echoed across a few forums I read. Is this game worth trying out, or is what happens plotwise in the game of so little consequence that I can just skip this entry?

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Depends how much you're enjoying the Assassin's Creed franchise up to this point.

In terms of plot then Revelations does continue and expand upon Ezio's side of the story and fills in more of Altair's as well. However in terms of the overall story (ie. Desmond and modern day Assassins) then it doesn't do much.

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Revelations doesn't really move the story forward at all, but it really fleshes out Desmond as a character and provides some context as to what the hell is going on with the whole ancient aliens/2012 thing.
Gameplay-wise they added some awful tower defense missions - which thankfully you only ever have to do once - and a superfluous crafting system, but otherwise it's basically exactly the same as Brotherhood (though I feel like the missions are much more well-designed, with less forced combat and more options for stealth). I had to force myself to finish Brotherhood, but I actually really liked Revelations.

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I thought it was really fun and interesting for about 12, maybe 15 hours. Then after I had done about all the side stuff and max leveled all of my assassins, and went back to the story stuff, I got kinda...bored?

The ending is crazy. So, it has that going for it.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it. It's worth playing if you care about the story, and if you like the core gameplay, because there are meaningful additions, like the hook blade. And the tower defense thing that people complain about isn't really and issue if you play the game "right." I never had it happen to me aside from the tutorial one.

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If you really really into Assassins Creed then sure but it is the weakest game in the series so far.

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@laserbolts said:

If you really really into Assassins Creed then sure but it is the weakest game in the series so far.

This. Just stick to Brotherhood and II.

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I've never been so extremely satisfied with a game and simultaneously disappointed. Brotherhood was great. Revelations, on the other hand ... I just don't know. I think the combat and exploration are still amazing, even if they've added very little new to the formulat (zip lines are amazing, and bomb crafting is fun, but not earth-shattering). The story, though, for a game called "Revelations" is rather weak. It's an attempt to finally wrap up storylines, but the result is very thin for both Altaiir and Ezio. The ending is both amazing and anticlimactic. It feels like a coda to Brotherhood, not a full game in itself.

And though I'm not sure about the map size, Revelations feels much smaller than the other games. The memory sequences seem shorter and not quite as challenging. As someone said earlier, you can basically skip the tower defense minigame after the first example (just keep your awareness low by bribing the speakers-whatevere-they're-called and by assassinating city officials). I still had my awareness go red a few times and never had to defend a den. The minigame isn't all that bad, but it's not all that interesting, either.

I still loved the game. But I think it's time it moved into a more modern setting and actually got on with the story. I'll admit, for as cliched as the story seemed going into ACII, they've done a decent job of making it interesting. I'm not as in love with it as some, but Revelations did add a few new wrinkles. But "Revelations"? Not really.

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@Hamz said:

Depends how much you're enjoying the Assassin's Creed franchise up to this point.

In terms of plot then Revelations does continue and expand upon Ezio's side of the story and fills in more of Altair's as well. However in terms of the overall story (ie. Desmond and modern day Assassins) then it doesn't do much.

I agree with this.

Revelations was clearly rushed as evidenced by the fact that whenever you aren't playing as Ezio they throw you on a bare island with some voice over to explain what is happening outside of the Animus. Desmond's Journey was pretty bad as well. Very lazy game design if you ask me. I enjoyed the Altair stuff and seeing how his story played out. One thing that annoyed me was the way they just threw a cinematic at the end to move the story ahead and set up AC3 to be in New York City.

@laserbolts said:

If you really really into Assassins Creed then sure but it is the weakest game in the series so far.

AC1 was by far the weakest game of the bunch. The tedious, repetitive missions in that one were unbearable.

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#9 Posted by LeYcH (221 posts) -

Revelations is definitely the weakest link, for me when I got 2 and Brotherhood I played the hell out of that game but with Revelations I can't even play it for longer than 30 minutes, the story so far is dull and not engaging and it's clear that it's not in the same standard as the other AS.

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No one has mentioned this yet, so what about the multiplayer? I enjoyed the Brohood MP, but only for a few hours or so...does this one have a thriving MP community, or did the negative reviews basically make it non-existant?

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@phish09: its actually better this time. after a while i got sick of the stabbing spam-fests in brotherhood, but revelations has better balanced abilities and more varied match types for people like me that are more interested in more stealthy slower paced matches

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@laserbolts said:

If you really really into Assassins Creed then sure but it is the weakest game in the series so far.

Well, to be fair, it's still miles better than AC1.

As for the OPs question, from a pure design and gameplay standpoint, Revelations may actually be the best in the series, but only because it has ever so slight improvements to stuff that was in 2 and Brotherhood. The story is mostly character backstory for the three main characters of the series so far, which, to me, made this game feel like a filler episode in the grand scheme of the series. If you're talking about combat, traversal, mission structure, etc, then Revelations is almost identical to Brotherhood with slight improvements such as the hookblade and the more in depth foreign city occupation mechanics for the Assassins Guild.

So, basically, Revelations is still Assassin's Creed, though if you're in it for the overarching story as opposed to the gameplay, this is probably the one game in the series you could skip and be okay story-wise.

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#13 Posted by Ferros (245 posts) -

I've enjoyed the entire Assassin's Creed series, yes even AC1. I can't bring myself to play more of Revelations than I have, it's just so recycled at this point. As has already been said, play 2 and Brotherhood and just read a wiki to bring yourself up to speed. This one is completely skippable.

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I say give it a good 6mths before you start playing AC:R
Gameplay mechanics-wise, AC:R is too similar with AC:B, All the new additions they put into AC:R isn't that fun.

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I love the first 3 Assassins games to bits, it's unbelievable.  
I stopped playing Revelations after two hours. 
The gameplay, AI behavior, graphics, story progression and mission design are identical to AC2 and Brotherhood. Enough is enough.

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Have to say yes its worth it but only if you have been keeping up with the story and want to be ready as possible for the story in AC3

personally i think the revelations ( see what i did there ) in this game are both interesting and important for ALL ( yes including Desmond) characters in this game

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Man, I really really want this game, and this is one I can get as a birthday present since I know someone is going to get me a game, but I'll have to choose which game, and it's either this or Uncharted 3. I don't want to be disappointed.

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This game is so bad that they are giving it away free when you buy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

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@cbk486: Know that you will be getting pretty much nothing new in Revelations after Brotherhood. I stopped at AC2 and felt the repetition really hit hard. There is literally no storyline advancement and the way they resolve both Altairs (my personal favorite of the series) and Ezios storylines was in my opinion pretty lackluster.

If you are craving more AC then go for it. If not then you could literally watch an 8 minute YouTube clip to learn all there was to learn storywise from Revelations.

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#20 Posted by Wuddel (2414 posts) -

It certainly is the weakest, but I still enjoy it. It is not a game you crunch through, but you play in bits and pieces every time you say to yourself "I really could go for some face and neckstabbing." Not a full price buy.

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#21 Posted by CheapPoison (1031 posts) -

I think it is still pretty good and at this point you should be able to pick it up at half price right?

I think it is worthwhile, if you really enjoy the assassin's creed gameplay ofcourse. And it fills in quite a bit of story, although the desmond story went to shit for me in revelations.

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#22 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

Do you like the Brotherhood multiplayer a lot?

I did, so the Revelations purchase was worth it for me in the end, but if I didn't, it would be a huge waste. The single-player is pretty lackluster.

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