Should I Play Brotherhood, or Revelations?

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#1 Posted by BulletStorm (546 posts) -

I didn't finish Assassin's Creed, I guessed the plot from a mile away and I was turned off by repetition.

I loved Assassin's Creeed 2. Plot, gameplay. Everything.

I didn't pickup Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood, not for any particular reason except that maybe - I was done. done. done with Italy. I however, did spoil all of the Desmond story for myself, none of the Ezio stuff.

So what say you? Will the new culture in Revelations keep me interested? Does it add things that actually make it less fun than Brotherhood? Are the both equally worth playing?

Right now, my thought process is Istanbul > Rome, therefore Revelations > Brotherhood. But Ryan makes it seem like all around, Brotherhood > Revelations. So, what say you?

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#2 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

Shit really hits the fan for Desmond and crew in Brotherhood while Ezio's story (and his role in history) is fleshed out. So if you're a fan of the story and universe, I recommend you play Brotherhood

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#3 Posted by Waffles13 (622 posts) -

Buy and play Brotherhood, since it should be on sale. Wait till AC3 is a few months away, then buy and play Revelations when it's on sale.
This is of course only if you care about the greater story. If you just want gameplay, you could probably stick with Revelations seeing as how it has everything from Brotherhood and then some.

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#4 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Brotherhood is such a great game. The leap that they took from II to Brotherhood as astounding considering it was only a year. The desmond story, Ezio's story and Rome was such a god damn delight. So much fun. Play it

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#5 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

You should play Brotherhood. There's literally no reason to skip it. The single player is solid (even if I felt like the first seven hours of it were pretty much still in slow-burn tutorial range). Once the game gets going, it's whole-hog excellence.

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#6 Posted by BBQBram (2478 posts) -

If you'll end up playing both eventually anyway, why not stick to the chronological order? Revelations might be a slight rehash of Brotherhood, it's still got some new additions so playing it first would give you even less of an incentive to play Brotherhood.

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#7 Posted by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

I'd definitely hit Brotherhood.

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#8 Posted by IBurningStar (2273 posts) -

If you liked ACII then you need to play Brotherhood. Really, really fun game.

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#9 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

If you're playing for the great story and unique compelling experience, play all the AC games in the correct order. 
If you wanna stab dudez and use cool weaponz. play the latest AC game of a given time. 

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#10 Posted by Firepaw (3053 posts) -

Brotherhood is the way to go, Revelations seems like it maybe isn't as great as Brotherhood (but not a bad game!) and for story purposes I would strongly suggest playing the games in order.



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#11 Posted by deskp (507 posts) -

Brootherhood has more content, something like twize the missions of revelations. If you are interested in multiplayer I would recomend Revelation.

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#12 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -

@BulletStorm: I haven't played Revelations yet, but Brotherhood is probably the best game in the series (up to Revelations at least. Vague story spoilers inside the spoiler box below. No major events are described, I simply lay out the over all structure of the game.

Brotherhood did an excellent job introducing new mechanics and refining the ones we saw in AC2. The only place where AC2 was superior (in my opinion) was the over all story. I'm not saying Brotherhood's story was bad, but it's tough to beat a coming of age revenge story in a sequel. Brotherhood's story is enjoyable but even more importantly, Brotherhood's main villain is the best in the series and one of my personal favorites of all time.

Unlike AC2, in brotherhood Ezio is put up against an extremely capable enemy who managed to climb up Rome's structure and become an overlord of sorts. He knew when to be a politician, when to be a diplomat, and when to be ruthless. You spend the entire game (the story takes place over a couple years) dismantling and sabotaging his base of power killing or converting his advisors and allies in an attempt to bring him down.

At the end of the game he tells Ezio that everything Ezio had destroyed not only could be rebuilt but would be. He isn't blowing hot air or making delusional claims, he is being completely honest. I loved it... finally an Assassin's creed game with an antagonist worthy of waging war against the protagonist. In the end it becomes apparent that the foundation of the antagonist's power is his unrelenting ruthless drive to push his agenda forward, something we've only seen from Ezio and Altair thus far in the series.

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#13 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

play brotherhood, the story just wouldn't make sense the other way around.

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#14 Posted by Levius (1357 posts) -

The only reason you would choose revelations over brotherhood is if you want to get into the multiplayer, as brotherhood multiplayer will be stone dead now, I assume

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#15 Edited by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

Depends. Do you intend on playing both games or just one? Out of the two I preferred Revelations but that was more because I liked how the story unfolded and how it gradually intertwined the different characters. Also I felt Revelations to be enough of a step away from ACII to be more a sequel, while Brotherhood felt more like an expansion in Italy. Granted Revelation doesn't take a leap but it was enough to keep me entertained, while I felt a bit dragged in Brotherhood. But deep down I think all games should be played in their intended order. They are good enough for it, though I'd say as someone above said: Play Brotherhood now on the cheap, and then wait with Revelations a few months and play that.

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#16 Posted by TheMasterDS (2911 posts) -

I think there is no answer other than Brotherhood for any reason. Brotherhood was a fantastic game whose additions to the formula were all great, and whose changes to formula were also all great. Brotherhood also had a fine plot, which, like AC2, was able to make you despise the bad guys and really want to kill them, which of course makes the story super rewarding as all your wishes come true. Revelations is the exact opposite of that. All the additions they make in that are detrimental, all the changes vary from nominal to bad, and its plot is just shitty in that you sorta never see the bad guys do anything bad that makes you want to kill them. It almost seems more in the vein of Assassin's Creed 1 where you never knew why you had to kill dudes, just that that was how you moved the story forward.

Without a doubt, you should play Brotherhood first, than wait and see what they do for 3.

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#17 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Neither fuck ubisoft!

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#18 Posted by Mikemcn (8173 posts) -

Things just go crazy in Brotherhood, it's great.

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#19 Posted by 137 (487 posts) -

Brotherhood was such a great game.

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#20 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

Brotherhood was great but revelations is not a good game. Get brotherhood plus I'm assuming it's cheaper.

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#22 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -
@laserbolts said:
Brotherhood was great but revelations is not a good game. 
Last night, while playing Revelations, it hit me and I still don't believe it: Revelations blows and I've had e-nough of Assassin's Creed. I never thought I'd say this.. Brotherhood feels like the perfect swan song (fuck desmond's story), I can't stand climbing one more fucking wall or counter-killing one more guard, I'm sick of this franchise now. 
Not to mention that the character animations are still identical to Assassin's Creed 1, the AI behavior is still retarded, and the stealth gameplay has become boring as fuck since it honestly doesn't make any sense. 
I don't see myself beating Revelations any time soon, I've had enough of this gameplay.
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#23 Posted by Frenchie108 (63 posts) -

depending if you have bought either of them yet,you should wait for tomorrow as there is supposed to be a sale on amazon so you should be able to get them for quite cheap. Also, although i haven't played revelations and i'm only halfway through Brotherhood, i wholly recommend playing Brotherhood first. It's an incredible game

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#24 Posted by phish09 (1115 posts) -

Revelations is meaningless without playing Brotherhood.

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#25 Posted by manbot47 (338 posts) -

they're both solid games that do a lot right and each falters in its own small areas. you can breeze through the single player campaign fairly quickly in both so what keeps you coming back for a while will be the multiplayer, and that's where Revelations gets the edge. with both abilities/match types better balanced its a lot more fun

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