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    Assassin's Creed is a stealth action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. In the year 2012, Desmond Miles is kidnapped and made to relive his ancestor's memory through a machine called the Animus. As the ancestor, Altaïr, players unveil an assassin conspiracy set in the middle ages.

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    Sadly I cant assassinate the dissapointment

    In Assassins Creed you play as Altair. You are part of a brotherhood of Assassins that are on a quest to protect the holy land from the invading crusaders. Assassins Creed is a game that will bring you along on a unique adventure unlike any other.

    At this point if you have heard of Assassins Creed you know about the "twist". In reality you play Desmond who is a test monkey for some kind of evil cooperation. Extremely early in the game you find out that these mysterious scientists are holding you captive in order to get information on your ancestor, Altair. So therefore you must relive Altair's life in order to obtain the correct "information".

    While playing you are thrust into one of three massive cities. Being as Assassin gives you the ability to scale buildings in a fashion that would put Spiderman to shame. Altair will fluidly scale massive towers grabbing rails and scaffolding without any hesitation. This is by far the best part of Assassins Creed; the platforming game play in this game completely elevate the genre and sets a new benchmark that will be tough be match and even harder to surpass.

    While the cities themselves are a superb achievement the events going on within the city are rather disappointing. Whenever you go to a new part of the city you must follow a set routine. First you must get to a high point and survey the surrounding area. Secondly you must collect information on your target. In order to get this information you do one of four things. You can eavesdrop on chatty citizens to get the scoop. Pick pocketing an important document is another possible objective, or you can beat the information out of talkative individuals. While these three objectives make sense in terms of collecting information there is another type that make me confused. There are fellow assassins littered throughout the city that want you to complete objectives for them in exchange for information. However these objectives are so dumb; you either have to finish off their assassination duties for them, or collect the flags that they seem to misplace every single time you talk to them. This might not seem like much but I have one question, whats the point of collecting your stupid flags?

    Regardless once you're done with those you have to go and assassinate your main target. These also seem to go by some sort of loose routine. You must find your target wade through the crowd of people and go in for the kill. Once everyone notices the corpse on the ground twenty guards show up to brawl. This brings me to my next topic of discussion, the combat. Early off in the game you spend most of the time mashing on the X button until dudes die. Eventually you will build up a repertoire of moves that will make you a very formidable opponent. However there is one move that seems a little overpowered, the counter attack just has you patiently guarding until someone on attacks you and you counter which gives you the one hit kill. Then you can just wait as each guard approaches you in an orderly fashion each eagerly awaiting their turn to review a good slash to the face.

    While this is fun and exciting the first time around, you soon realize that this cycle will repeat a total of eleven times. Around the third time the cycle starts to become extremely tiresome. This is the major thing about Assassins Creed. Your tolerance to repeat this cycle will determine the amount of enjoyment that you will be able to get out of Assassins Creed. For most people I would recommend you borrow or rent this game first. Assassins Creed is not a game that is necessarily worth the sixty dollar price. In the end the amount of time you can stay immersed in the world will dictate how far you will go with this game. Whether or not you get to the end, everyone should at least experience this game.

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