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Next step in acrobatic gameplay.

Assassin's creed looks like it was based on a movie, or a very good book, maybe it's because there are hell lot of cut-scenes, or maybe because the story is so great-

The main plot is about Edmund, a bartender who's ancestor was an assassin during the crusade set in Israel, the Holy Land (my home, to be more exact).
while playing you switch roles between Edmund (whom you will not see often) and Altair. so mainly after some quick tutorials you will be sent doing some assassinations (after all, it is ASSSASSIN's Creed.) and it goes like this:
first you will arrive at a city, look around and gather clues doing missions such as pickpocketing, assassinations, race against time, and such- when you're done, you will be given the information that will assist you assassinating.

anyhow, no matter how long the cut-scenes are, and how repetitive the gameplay can be, you will be astonished-
You can do almost anything a parkour swordsman could ever dream of! climbing up almost every building, jumping from roof to roof, accomplish various stunts, and finally busting every living form in town (well, except the civilians whom you are not supposed to kill).

Oh, about the controls, at first, their a bit of a problem, after all, the translation of the keys from the consoles to computer was quite confusing, but you will get used to it, and when you will, combat will be a lot more fun and excitement, though sometimes bit frustrating, anyway if you wanna take my advise, RENT (as usual) because if you're an obsessive video gamer, no more than 3 days will take you to complete the game, and hell, it's fun.

Have fun, and a nice day.

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