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An over-rated game with not enough depth.

Assassins Creed is an engaging game the first time you experience what it has to offer. Clearly the best part of the game is the movement of which Altaïr is able to complete, as he can leap and move in ways similar to the activity of 'Parkour'. The movement of Altair is fantastic, especially when watching him crookedly climb upwards to the top of a building or running across the roofs of houses to escape the guards of the city. This is undeniably the strongest part of Assassins Creed as it is thrilling to watch his realistic movement. Altaïrs use of the cities is also great, which reminds me of early Tomb Raider climbing in the search for specific ledges. Assassins Creed develops this style of movement but branches out further, and uses more of the buildings small architecture. This allows for a more realistic style of climbing.

The graphics in the game are generally great. But there are small noticeable glitches throughout, which take away from the immersion.

Assassins Creed Is fantastic for the movement and graphics, but the game is brought down by technical issues and the plot. The end of the game is unsatisfying and left me wanting more from the story, which is disappointing as the start of the game nicely set up the base plot. Towards the end of the game I felt the story growing less engaging and more an 'add-on' the game. One of the main reasons for feeling not attached is the dull assassinations that are assigned to you throughout the game. After the second or third killing that you are forced to commit, you soon realise that this is all that the game has to offer. There is no different approach to the killings either, just attack from your own angle, and kill. That’s it.

The fighting system is simple and fun to watch, but it easily becomes repetitive. The motions of these fights are good, but like many other parts of the game it becomes a strain and does not differ in movement or look.

Some of the AI in the game can be considered unfinished as there actions are questionable at points. In the time I spent playing this game, I successfully counted six enemy guards getting stuck in the walls and that’s not even considering the civilians in the game. Basically these small bugs withdraw from the games atmosphere and really take away from the games belief.

Putting the issues aside that Assassins Creed has, I still found parts of the game enjoyable. I feel that because of the hype and excitement that built up the game it was a disappointment that Ubisoft would not work on the things such as - improve the fighting mechanics or 'Iron out' the small glitches that all bring down the game.  After talking to other people about there views on this game, I decided that Assassins Creed is a game that either grabs you or isn’t that interesting at many points. I personally recommend that if you feel Assassins Creed looks impressive that you first rent out the game.

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