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An all-around class designed to be a standard run-and-gun character. The Assault has an optimized jetpack for better maneuvering.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Rate of Fire
  • Silver: Clip Size
  • Bronze: Skill Recovery


  • Assault Rifle - A standard, fast firing assault rifle. Holding down the secondary fire button aims down the sights for better accuracy at the expense of slower movement. When the Assault skill is upgraded, it adds the chance of causing a Critical Shot.
  • Grenade Launcher - Fires grenades that can be bounced off of walls and explode for area damage. The secondary fire button does the Assault's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Bomb - Throwable bombs that can be remotely detonated and attached to enemies. Upgrading this skill increases the damage and radius of the explosions.
  • Fly - Optimized jetpack that allows the Assault player to fly for a short time. While flying, the Assault cannot be grappled. Upgrading this skill increases the flight time. Can also be activated by double-jumping and unactivated by the jump button.
  • Assault Charge - Simple charge attack that damages everything in the Assault player's way. The first upgrade increases the damage of the charge. The second upgrade allows him to grapple and throw his opponent while charging.
  • Assault - Passive upgrade that increases jump height and critical shots with the assault rifle.

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