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Fight around the shop
Fight around the shop

AST-Hero: a space shooter where the player controls a small spaceship which must fight waves of enemies and collect space flowers in order to upgrade the ship’s weapons and defenses in the shop.


The player travels through the endless space, fights waves of enemies and two unique bosses. All enemies may drop space flowers which allows the player to cash them at the shop. The player can buy weapon and shield upgrades, ammo, luck and refill the shield in the shop.


The combat is inspired by the 1979 Asteroids hit. Each weapon has its own unique firing shape and can be upgraded to the next tier, to shoot faster or to do more damage.

Weapons & upgrades

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  • Single Shot – The basic weapon of the spaceship. Fires one single projectile.
  • Double Shot – First upgrade of the single shot. It fires two parallel projectiles.
  • Triple Shot – Second upgrade of the single shot. It fires three shots in a triangle shape in front of the spaceship.
  • Quad Shot – Third upgrade of the single shot. It fires two parallel projectiles like the double shot, together with two more projectiles with a similar shape as the triple shot.
  • Missile – Powerful homing missiles that target the enemi directly.
  • Bomb – Clears the game screen from enemies and enemies’s projectiles.
  • Powerups – Two powerups are available, one with time limited infinite shield and the other is a time limited very powerful weapon.

Graphic design

Every asset is a unique creation made specifically for AST-Hero.


Game audio (voice and sound effects) are unique and tailored for the game.


There are 5 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Psycho.

  • Easy: Player has more health, player gets 4 bombs and DoubleShot at start, low number of enemies, bosses have less HP, shop spawns very often.
  • Normal: Player has 3 bombs at start.
  • Hard: Player has lower health, Player has 2 bombs at start, high number of enemies, bosses have higher HP, shop spawn less often.
  • Very Hard: Player has very low health, Player has 2 bombs at start, very high number of enemies, bosses have very high HP, shop spawn is infrequent
  • Psycho: Player has ultra-low health, Player has only 1 bomb at start, ultra-high number of enemies, bosses have a huge amount of HP, shop spawn is sporadic.


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