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    Antagonist character from the RPG "Nostalgia." She has the power to change her appearance.

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    Astell the "Thousand Masks" is the younger sister of Scarlett Fellini. She is 19 years of age and carries her parasol with her wherever she goes, sometimes using it as a weapon. Prior to the game's setting, she became separated from her sibling and fell into the hands of the Ancient Father's Cabal, who then erased her memory and manipulated her into doing their bidding. Resigned to the thought that her sister had died leads Scarlett to become an air pirate from then on.
    Astell - Nostalgia
    Astell - Nostalgia
    Astell's first appearance is at the Siberian Base, shortly after Scarlett joins the hero party for a mission to defeat the Cabal elite Roswell. It is there that she temporarily abducts Fiona, but she then quickly departs once Roswell fails to open the "Gate to the Heavens." She appears later at the Royal Exploration Agency where it is discovered that she had been the spy that had infiltrated the building and impersonated the agent Carlos.
    Astell & Scarlett - Nostalgia
    Astell & Scarlett - Nostalgia
    Astell appears a third time at the Nirvana Palace where, after stealthily changing into a doppleganger of her sister, she finally engages Edward Brown and company in battle; accompanied by two Gorgon Heads. Though she loses the fight, she manages to paralyze the paralyze the party, at which point Yang Gui, a fellow elite member of the Cabal, shows up to kill the heroes. Realizing that the woman intends to kill her as well, Astell's concentration is quickly broken, which allows Scarlett to knock her sister away from the deadly blast. The shock of seeing her sibling's sacrifice causes Astell's memories to return and she immediately breaks free from the Cabal's hold on her. At this point, Astell joins the hero party as an unplayable guest member to defeat Yang Gui. 
    Though injured, Scarlett manages to survive the attack and reunites with her sister at long last. 
    Astell - Nostalgia
    Astell - Nostalgia
    Astell shows up again in the side quest "Lost Pet" where Scarlett sends the hero party out to find her missing dragon, Lucia. The party mistakenly battles and captures a different dragon, which Astell then keeps as her own pet. She, along with Scarlett  and Edward's father, Gilbert Brown, assist the hero party one last time by leading them to the Cabal's flying fortress, "The Paracelsus." 

    Other information

    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: 88 lb
    Homeland: Italy

    Battle (as enemy)

    HP: 400
    Attack Power: 200
    Defense Power: 18
    Magic Attack Power: 170
    Magic Defense Power: 85
    Elemental: Water
    Ability: Parasol Attack
    Item 1: n/a
    Item 2: n/a

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