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For some reason or another this game holds up for me. It is surprisingly addictive. I bought this for 240 Points on Xbox marketplace so 3 or so dollars. A fair price if it does go to the developers i guess. The game it self is very simple your turn with on stick press a button to thrust as well as a button to shoot and shield one self. The game is simple yet challenging to a point that for some reason draws me into what I would one smirk at High Scores. I think for the most part High Scores are pointless. But having Game room record the game in ranked mode allows you to show the players of that specific game how much you own at it. Proving that you did what you did. You can also learn stuff about the game through this feature. I like the fact that this game is simple to a point that you are the one that controls the game almost completely while this can be frustrating you also are able to see how you could get the high scores that are displayed on the leader boards. Anyway if you buy any game on Game Room get this game it is fun, satisfying, and most of all completely addicting.

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