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#101 Posted by buzz_clik (7535 posts) -

The pitch sounds like Sunshine meets Zathura.

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#102 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

Hey, did you guys realize that asteroid is just steroid with an A in front, which usually implies "non"?

So asteroids are not steroids. There's a lesson there.
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#103 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

next, tetris the movie: the rise of the L block. this will be the struggle of freedom of the blocks against the reign of the L block. the square block, haunted by the deletion of the S block, will rise to the challenge against all odds and overthrow the L block.
I can has movie now?

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#104 Posted by theMcNasty (758 posts) -

If I were to weigh my skepticism in dollars, I would be the six-million dollar man.

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#105 Posted by PositivelyGreg (81 posts) -

I imagine this being the tale of two post-traumatic veterans of the Asteroid Battles, rehabilitating themselves in a shantytown colony and leaping out of their seat to blast apart anything that moves nearby, twitching furiously, spinning in one place, terrified to hit the thrusters in fear that they'll be unable to stop, peering suspiciously out the door wondering if they'll come back into the room from the other side.

"They say an asteroid man has three lives.  I'd give it all right now just to have one without the pain."

Then the government tells them they're needed again for one last suicide mission. To save Earth.

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#106 Posted by fynne (320 posts) -

Ummmm.....that's the most generic description of a new movie that I've ever heard.  If you remove all of the "space" words, it could be a TV family sitcom idea.

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#107 Posted by jim_dandy (885 posts) -

I'll pay to watch this move if they don't have sound in the vacuum of space. Otherwise, I'll acquire it through "non-traditional means".

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