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    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released 1989

    A side-scrolling platformer with RPG elements. Ported to the NES from the arcade.

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    Astyanax was released in 1989 by Jaleco Ltd for arcades. It was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, the NES version consisting of a whole different story as well as different art.


    Astyanax is the name of a 16 year old boy, a freshman in Greenview High School. He constantly dreams of a woman calling his name. One day on his way to school he hears his name being called out and is then teleported to the kingdom of Remlia by a fairy named Cutie. She explains to Astyanax that the Princess of Remlia, Rosebud, is being kept prisoner by the wizard Blackhorn. Cutie then gives Astyanax the magical axe, Bash, and tells him the only way to get back to his world is to save Rosebud.


    The game is a side-scrolling platformer. The main weapon is an axe which can be upgraded to a spear and then sword by picking up powerups along the way. When the player dies they move back to their previous weapon.

    Astyanax also has three spells. Each spell uses a different amount of the fixed spell gauge.

    • Bind - Freezes enemies in place
    • Fire Blast - Shoots a spread of fireballs to deal damage in a ring around Astyanax
    • Thunderbolt - Deals damage to all enemies on screen

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