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Asuka 120% Limited: BURNING Fest. LIMITED is a 2D fighting game developed by Fill-in-Cafe and published by ASK Kodansha for the Sega Saturn in Japan on October 9, 1997.

The fourth major revision to Asuka 120% BURNING Fest., Limited features re-drawn higher-quality anime-style graphics for both character sprites and backgrounds, as well as anime FMV cutscenes and two new hidden characters.

It is the last game in the series to be developed by Fill-in-Cafe, as they went bankrupt shortly after. On September 1998, some of the studio's former employees released an unofficial update to the game, called "Limit Over", adding new techniques and balance changes while replacing Story Mode with a cleaner menu system for Versus play. Playing it requires players to patch an existing copy of the original game, which cannot run on an unmodified Saturn.


New Additions

Returning Fighters


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