Asura's Wrath: You Should Watch This Trailer

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#101 Posted by monkeynuts8 (79 posts) -

Reminds me of bayonetta, in a crazy balls-on-the-table way    

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#102 Posted by RYNO9881 (659 posts) -


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#103 Posted by ThatFrood (3471 posts) -

Why would he be punching the finger? Shouldn't he just have been pushing the whole time? I fail to see how punching is more effective.

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#104 Posted by bartok (3074 posts) -

These are the kinda games Japan needs to keep on making.

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#105 Posted by hi_im_rob (250 posts) -

Fuck yeah Japan.

More crazy shit like this please.

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#106 Posted by RTSlord (1235 posts) -
@MisuseOfLasers said:
" I'm Asura this game will be fun. "
you bastard
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#107 Posted by Favocado (26 posts) -

Looks absolutely insane in an awesome way. I can't wait to see more.

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#108 Posted by HappyCheeze (129 posts) -


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#109 Posted by ShadowMountain (240 posts) -
@fox01313: Uh, Bayonetta/Ninja Gaiden have good mechanics/controls...
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#110 Posted by Xeiphyer (5837 posts) -
@BooDoug187 said:

" @truckalicious said:

" The louder you shout, the harder you can punch stuff.   FACT. "
Thats been the rule of anime and kung-fu movies, gotta be fact! "
 KEEEE-YAHHH!!!   *Karate chops keyboard*  *Poses* SOUNDS LIKE YOU SCRUBS NEED SOME LEARNIN'!

The whole screaming while doing sick martial arts moves and shit is actually based in reality and just twisted by Hollywood to seem cooler in movies, like they do with most other things, most notably explosions.

In real life though, martial artists make a short sound called a Kiai while performing a move. Its a quick sharp release of air basically that helps channel extra strength into the move when done properly.

I've heard about studies that reported a 20% increase in force when using the Kiai vs not using it. That seems pretty crazy.

Either way though. Its a thing, screaming isn't though.
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#111 Posted by BooDoug187 (453 posts) -
@Xeiphyer: Yeah I know, was just making a joke.
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#112 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5441 posts) -

Dude, alright.

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#113 Posted by Max_Hydrogen (825 posts) -

That's a big ass finger.

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#114 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2477 posts) -

Gameplay...This makes a lot more sense now...I think.

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#115 Posted by Trebz (488 posts) -

That is a shit-ton of wrath, right there.

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#116 Posted by sickVisionz (1307 posts) -

I didn't see anything that looked like gameplay.  Was Jeff being sarcastic or did I miss it?

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#117 Posted by virtua_ben (144 posts) -

A Japanese God of War?  I'm all over it.

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#118 Posted by Grimluck343 (1371 posts) -

Japanese craziness? Yes please.

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#119 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4123 posts) -

Fuckin' Baron Harkonnen would be quite pleased.
All games should have MORE floating fat men!

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#120 Posted by jmfinamore (1092 posts) -
@MisuseOfLasers: I would (wait for it) wrath-er you never say that again. 
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#121 Posted by RavenT2 (37 posts) -

Holy crap...

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#122 Posted by JohnPaulVann (210 posts) -

anybody who doesn't think this is the coolest game in development is gonna get a mouthful of teeth.

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#123 Posted by Gerhabio (1996 posts) -

What is going on?

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#124 Posted by bummey (677 posts) -

I have no idea what I just watched.

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#125 Posted by Belonpopo (2144 posts) -

Confirmed: Asura is the Xbox exclusive MK9 character.

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#126 Posted by TheWesman (445 posts) -

Japanese God of War fighting Space Buddha's Finger....there's no part of this I don't like!

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#127 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -


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#128 Posted by Olivaw (1287 posts) -

So I gather that the premise is "you are the god of fucking fury and you are FURIOUS because someone did something bad to you and you are gonna take ALL YOUR FUCKING FURY and kill EVERYONE"

Sort of like God of War but even angrier.

I'm okay with this.

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#129 Posted by buhssuht (470 posts) -

I'm really getting impressed CyberConnect lately. Their .HACK series was interesting but not fun at all, because all 4 games were so same it was pretty much same game on 4 separate disc. but when .HACK G.U came out it was surprisingly good, and so are some of their naruto games. I hope they don't disappoint me in this game, you'll never know when the company starts to go downhill, I'm looking at you Square Enix.

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#130 Posted by Crass_Commando (23 posts) -

so awesome.

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#131 Posted by ThePantheon (838 posts) -

Japan rules. I was supposed to go there for 10 days around the time the quake hit. I'm rebooking to go in September around TGS. Can't wait to experience the awesome culture, and spend some good tourism dollars on a country that needs it.

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#132 Posted by Zapbrader (196 posts) -

Now THATS a trailer!!

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#133 Posted by stafax (301 posts) -

ummmm ok?

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#134 Posted by AngeTheDude (776 posts) -


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#135 Posted by McDayman (125 posts) -

Reminds me alot of Berserk.

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#136 Posted by selbie (2449 posts) -

God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus maybe? Fuck...I don't care. This game will be over 9000 awesomes.

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#137 Posted by mthe1337one (206 posts) -
@MisuseOfLasers said:
" I'm Asura this game will be fun. "
my body was not prepared for that play on words....
not prepared at all...
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#138 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

CyberConnect 2 is a great studio. All the way back from the incredibly charming Tail Concerto for PSX (no small feat when you're dealing with furries), to the compelling premise of .hack, to their gorgeous, intense Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games. If these guys are taking on God of War, it's time to take notice. Besides, how can you not support  - as a fellow Giant Bomb commenter put it - "...SIX ARM AKUMA AND GALACTUS BUDDHA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!" XD

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#139 Posted by BatOtaku13 (157 posts) -

if okami and god of war had a child...

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#140 Edited by iDarktread (1263 posts) -

That was actually really cool.

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#141 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

That just seems crazy and nonsensical.

I dig it.

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#142 Posted by chikin_n_rofls (157 posts) -

dude what?

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#143 Posted by thebatmobile (995 posts) -


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#144 Posted by Soviut (168 posts) -

Japan literally has two voice actors; One male, one female.  The male one does yelling and solemn monologues, the female does squeals for rape scenes.

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#145 Posted by AssInAss (3254 posts) -

Considering their Naruto pedigree, those all might be QTEs. I'm not as excited until I see full-on gameplay footage.

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#146 Edited by John1912 (2393 posts) -
@Soviut said:

" Japan literally has two voice actors; One male, one female.  The male one does yelling and solemn monologues, the female does squeals for rape scenes. "

Lol, sounds about right.  Bugs the shit out of me when ppl go off on english VO's, while gushing over how great the Japanese ones are. 
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#147 Posted by Winternet (8397 posts) -
@Soviut said:
" Japan literally has two voice actors; One male, one female.  The male one does yelling and solemn monologues, the female does squeals for rape scenes. "
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#148 Posted by Tebbit (4589 posts) -

I'm getting a real "final boss in Pandemonium 2" feel from that big blue guy.

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#149 Posted by radioactivez0r (907 posts) -

I'm glad to see that games aren't featuring bigger boss battles just to say they have bigger boss battles.  Also, wtf?

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#150 Posted by deactivated-57beb9d651361 (4541 posts) -

So many puns.

Want. Want. Want.

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