Can you only download the later chapters if you unlock alt end?

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I'm trying to buy the true ending chapters but can't see them available?

I've finished game but with no S ranks. So no alt ending. Is there anyway to download the chapter 19 + for the true ending or do I have to get the S ranks to finish the alt ending and then that enables me to buy the DLC? Not clear at all how this works.

Tried going through Easy to get some S ranks but keep messing up as don't have time to play through again.

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If it helps any, you can skip through most of the content in each episode by pressing select a bunch. Since some of the episodes don't even have full fighting sequences (I think, though I may be mistaken), that leaves just a handful of QTEs to go through. Should only take a few minutes to get through an episode if you skip through everything it'll allow you to skip.

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Tried that but kept missing a few of the syncs and getting A's as patience has rolled thin,

What a stupid idea. Capcom have lost my money I think as can't be bothered will try another hour shot tomorrow see if i can do it, but if not I'm out

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I got six S ranks without even intending to do it. It just happened naturally during my playthrough. It's pretty easy.

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I played on hard so struggled.

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Keep doing alternate type of combos, like jump and hit. You going to get A time and S in the rest.

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