WAT (Asura's Wrath, Episode IV DLC) (Heavy spoilers)

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Finished the DLC for asura's Wrath, "Nirvana." and


Not only did this surpass my expectations in scale, but it amounted to a final boss fight that is among the most visually beautiful I've ever seen. The effects in event horizon made my jaw drop, and the fight itself was amazing. That second set of commands caused my mind to do a segfault but then


That ENDING story bit! The still paintings and the narrative along with that! I couldn't believe what I saw. Guys. How can I deal with a brain this full of WHAT IS VIDEO GAME?

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That final chapter is jaw dropping in visual quality, no other game out looks better. It is simply a work of art in motion, the attention to detail is staggering it really feels like this was a labor of love by the team.

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I'll admit, my exposure to Asura's Wrath has simply been watching Youtube clips of the action, since I didn't want to fork out the money for the thing. Kind of glad I didn't.

But WHAT?! Asura was bigger than the planet, but he was still smaller then Giant Gold Space Hindu God, and BUTTONS EVERYWHERE, then he punched it in the face and went into another dimension, and went from six giant arms to two giant arms, then two normal ones, and still managed to create an enormous explosion to kill the GOD OF ALL GODS, and then I think the galaxy exploded too...

I will not play it, but the story is perhaps one of the best in anything ever, if not the most balls-out insane story I've ever seen. Everything that will ever happen in video games that can be thought of as "That's a little out there" is justified by this game.


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I might have to YouTube this. I rented Asura's Wrath and pissed my pants in fury when I finished the "True Ending" and stopped with story missing.

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If Capcom wants to charge me $7 for content of the kind that was in this thing....


The world is saved, Mithra flies back to earth and then.... "857 million years later:"


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I didn't like it. Though I agree with the paintings at the end. Those were great. The episodes tough. Not my cup of tea.

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#7 Posted by Encephalon (1727 posts) -

I will Youtube this shortly.

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I thought the last episode was fantastic, but the first 2 were kinda meh.

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@kerse: The only part I thought was really Meh was the bit where Yasha messes up some Ghoma. I quite liked the flashback fight with the perpetual falling and just the inelegant end to that "Splat"

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Just remembered I needed to say something about this. Finished it the other day and it manages to out-crazy anything on the disc by a mile. Very good ending and worth seeing if you really like that game. You could get away with the default ending, but this is a much more satisfying conclusion.

Am I wrong in thinking that some of it looks slightly better than the stuff in the main game? It might just be a style thing, especially in the final boss area with the rippling floor and the giant armed mega-god being.

I like some of the more interesting button prompts they use like the B-circles (or circle-circles on PS I assume) Fantastic game and fantastic DLC and that also includes the two beautifully animated .5 episodes... Oh yeah, FUCKING CHUN-LI!

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@the_great_skenardo: The end against Chakravartin was visually, one of the most impressive sequences in a game that I have ever been involved with. I agree with you.

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The part where he begins flying towards Chakravardin, combined with the music was just so fucking epic. Of course, everything else that followed was amazing, too.

Honestly, I don't think there should be a sequel. The story should be left as it is.

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#13 Posted by Winternet (8399 posts) -

The last stage is fucking amazing. Quite possible the most gorgeous battle scene in recent history.

Also, the 850 million years later. So dumb, so ridiculous, so hilarious, so awesome.

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#14 Posted by sub_o (978 posts) -

Basically Asura's Wrath and the DLC have placed CyberConnect2 on my watch list. I will be looking forward to what this developer will create.

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#15 Posted by zombie2011 (5510 posts) -

This game man........Holy shit this fucking game. 
During the Event Horizon i wanted to break my controller i was so pumped, i was yelling at my T.V. This is one of my favorite games now.

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#16 Posted by Cloneslayer (1828 posts) -

This game was awesome! So intense, how can people love this and not amine like Gurren Lagann (which I really want to re-watch now).

<- RS to fist bump has to be Giant Bomb 2012: Best QTE

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#17 Posted by TeflonBilly (4742 posts) -

@sub_o said:

Basically Asura's Wrath and the DLC have placed CyberConnect2 on my watch list. I will be looking forward to what this developer will create.

I bought a damn Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for a wink and a smile just cause I loved Asura's Wrath so damn much.

I've never seen an episode of Naruto, but I could totally see the seeds of their visual flair in that game before they were allowed to BURST with their own creativity.

Played through the latest DLC earlier today. Fighting Evil Ryu on the moon is bad-ass.

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I loved his meditation beforehand, and the fact that it was called "A Life Well Lived." A bit of foreshadowing to what I expected would be the biggest battle of the game. Not disappointed at all. Once you start flying in space and that music hits... my god, man. I liked the original ending because it cleaned up that arc, but after the true ending tease and getting this sort of payoff this is easily going to be on my top 5 list this year. Well, maybe 10 if the back half of 2012 is amazing.

But the best part of the game? 14:15-15:00 below.

Loading Video...
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Just finished it.

I was a bit sour for spending 7 bucks for the 'real' ending...

But Jesus Christ. That man is so goddamn angry.

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I think it took me about two afternoons to finish this entire game and good god almighty I'm delighted I completed it all, DLC included. I don't even care that I had to pay for it. It's worth the money (and I'd probably have been happy with the main game if I hadn't seen the cocktease second version of episode 18 with the extended ending.

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I just finished playing through the whole game and the DLC. All I can say is: WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS SO INSANE.

Most of it has already been covered, but does anybody know what they intended by having the "creator" follow button prompts on screen in the last battle? I wonder if it was for some stylistic reason or whether it has wider implications.

Amazing game, well worth my £30+DLC.

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Just watched the ending....

Buddha exploded and then become / formed the Sun!

Game trying to say Asura is responsible for the Big Bang.... and moreover, the origin story of the STREET FIGHTER Universe =.=

God damn it Asura I want to dislike you but I love you for your crazyness!

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I just rentend the game and felt tempted to buy the DLC after I finished it. I Youtubed it and now I feel guilty. Cyberconnect2 needs more money to make more crazy shit like that. It was glorious.

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#24 Posted by AmethystRush (67 posts) -

The fist bump was awesome.

Also, the part where Vishnu is throwing stars and planets at you. And galaxies, I think.

Also! The animation in the final fight with crazy chrome Vishnu was pretty much out of this world. It looked amazing.

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#25 Posted by Joeku (134 posts) -

The fist bump was indeed the best video game fist bump ever.

And I fucking LOVED the God button commands. The way this game plays with the 4th wall is fantastic.

Yeah, I suggest if anyone really enjoyed this game, go watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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#26 Posted by Bravestar (390 posts) -

Just finished it and man, it was amazing. I got Asura's Wrath because I was in for some crazyness, but I expected nothing like this.

I just feel sad when people youtubed all of it. Usually I don't care, but this game needs support.

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#27 Posted by AsuraTheDestructor190 (5 posts) -

Yep, I loved the DLC.

Easily in my Top 5, and the last battle is now my favorite boss fight in Video Game history.

These developers surpassed Bayonetta.


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I'm about to finish XCOM and then I'll jump into Sleeping Dogs, but as things currently stand Asura's Wrath is going to be high on my top 10 this year. The final encounter with Chakravartin the Creator is the best and craziest boss thing in any video game I can remember. There are other boss focused games like Shadow of the Colossus, the Devil May Cry series, No More Heroes series, Dark Souls series and Bayonetta and they may do things better from a fighting mechanics, difficulty, and atmosphere perspective, but from an "experiencing something visually crazy" position it tops them all.

To be honest, I'm not even sure how to describe how the final fight was the best *insert thing I can't properly describe*, but there is no doubt it was the best.

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#29 Posted by csl316 (14054 posts) -
@golguin Hey, a necro topic.

I replied here before, but now I want to replay it. I thought the DLC was the best part of the game, honestly. Big reason why it's in my top 3 for the year. Amazing stuff.
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#30 Posted by Winternet (8399 posts) -

Yes to whatever positive things people are saying about Asura's Wrath.

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#31 Posted by kishinfoulux (3263 posts) -

The angriest man that was ever angered in a game. So damn good.

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