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Bringing the Odd

Asura's Wrath...how do you describe it? Weird as all heck seems like the most appropriate term. If you cannot handle just unrelenting weirdness, then this game is not going to be for you.

You are demigod Asura, who has been betrayed by the Gods and is summarily dismissed from Heaven. He is sent to Earth, where his fellow Gods have caused a wealth of problems. And these problems proceed to anger Asura.

And, man, anger is a huge theme. Asura is angry. Makes Kratos seem balanced in comparison. He can lose his arms and will still attack via headbutts and kicks. He is assaulted by a sword that can basically slice the moon in two. The violence is comically over the top. It is an anime come to life, replete with a LOT of QTE's and a ton of beating up of enemies. It is a thoroughly episodic affair, similar in style to Alan Wake.

The episodes are short enough to not be offensive and none of them are boring. Unbelievably odd and some are less than interactive but if you enjoy a game that can only be described as eye-meltingly Japanese, this is a game that is well worth trying out. It is visually gorgeous with a distinctive visual style. The voice acting is effective ---- you get the idea that Asura is really, really, really pissed off. It is an avoidable truism. After playing the game twice, the story is still completely lost on me. Again, the Gods betray you and bring suffering to the world to stop the invasion of the Gohma. It just goes off in...unusual directions.

This game, for me, is a modern day Katamari Damaci. A game that is actually rather good but so thoroughly Japanese in nature that it would never be made outside of Japan. It is unrelentlingly weird but a great deal of fun and something quite unlike anything you have played before.

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