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ASYNC Corp. is played by swapping 1x1 blocks between two play fields to produce a larger, (2x2 or greater,) block -- a "packet" in the world of ASYNC Corp.

There are four play modes;

  • In Quota, your objective is to send packets to keep a meter down. As you play, the meter increases faster.
  • ASYNC tasks you with filling an entire play field with one packet. The objective is met when you've done for four different colors. Once the standard set of three colors is complete, the fourth is introduced.
  • In Zoning, your objective is to fill the "zoning meter." Each time the meter is filled, your level increases and the speed at which the meter drops increases.
  • Freeplay has no goal.


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In an in-game message titled "Plans for the Future," Powerhead Games claims Game Center support is planned, however, the development team was laid off soon after the game was published.

On March 9, 2012 an update -- version 1.2 -- was released incorporating Game Center support for leaderboards.


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