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    The AT-4 is a single shot anti-tank weapon built by Saab Bofor Dynamics in Sweden.

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    The weapon is an armor piercing and designed to disable any heavily armored location (bunkers) or mobile armor (i.e. tanks) and/or transportation. The AT4 cannot be reloaded as it is one time use weapon. Designed as a recoiless projectile launcher the AT4 achieves this by shooting any materials/gas from the rear.

    This means all personnel should stay clear the immediate vicinity when it is fired. The recent redesigned AT 4 CS, short for confined space, fixes this problem making it excellent for urban warfare, where combat is confined to a relatively small area of conflict. The AT4 is made to be lightweight, portable and easy to use.


    There are 3 possible rounds the AT4 can be outfitted with:

    • HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Usually used for tanks and mobile armor.
    • HP (High Penetration) For that extra firepower, if needed.
    • HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) For armored buildings and fortifications.

    Modern Warfare 2

     The AT-4 HS
    The AT-4 HS

    The AT4 in Modern Warfare 2 is also a single shot launcher that is extremely accurate, when compared to other launcher in its' class such as the RPG-7. The weapon is designated as the AT-4 HS (for heat seeking), which is incorrect because the AT4 is not a heat seeking weapon.

    Nightfire PS2/Xbox

    In the Console versions of Nightfire; the weapon have four barrels and reloads it's top near the rear.

    Games in general

    Unlike the reality many games who features an AT4 doesn't always represents it accuratly.

    It sometimes can be like an equivalent of Quake's rocket launcher or reload from the front or the back instead of being a disposable weapon.

    When the game does it accurately it often misses the backblast


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