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167977 DakuTree Game Overview Adding details. 03/20/15 09:19AM 12 Approved
112327 TheOtherBelmont Game Overview Added PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 as platforms. 06/05/14 02:04PM 4 Approved
81842 drawfire Game Releases 01/16/14 11:56AM 2 Approved
81524 Jag12 Game Releases cover 01/14/14 10:30PM 1 Approved
56654 shad0w59 Game Overview Added PS Vita TV Support Concept. 09/11/13 11:38PM 2 Approved
55539 Murasaki_Nichirin Game Overview 09/06/13 01:58PM 12 Approved
54502 Murasaki_Nichirin Game Overview 09/04/13 04:44AM 62 Approved
32689 BlackLagoon New Release 05/28/13 09:52AM 7 Approved
20050 InfiniteSpark Game Overview * Added area exploration section with a bit of detail of gathering and battle. * Added a bit more info on attack command under battle commands. 04/07/13 02:23PM 71 Approved
14460 InfiniteSpark Game Overview * Edited overview to restate NA/Europe was released on date. * Included gameplay section with synthesis and battle sub-sections. * Included synthesis section with information detailing the synthesis process. * Included battle section detailing the battle commands, ailments, end results, and other relevant battle information. 03/17/13 02:24PM 468 Approved
13820 gillman Game Overview where it takes place 03/15/13 11:01AM 2 Approved
11427 gillman Dlc Overview 03/06/13 10:28AM 7 Approved
11426 gillman Dlc Overview 03/06/13 10:27AM 7 Approved
11425 gillman Dlc Overview 03/06/13 10:26AM 7 Approved
11424 gillman Dlc Overview 03/06/13 10:25AM 7 Approved
11423 gillman Dlc Overview 03/06/13 10:23AM 7 Approved
5361 Muerthoz Game Overview 02/18/13 06:33PM 4 Approved
5318 InfiniteSpark Game Overview * Reworded summary paragraph of game. (Removed "latest" mention) 02/18/13 04:56PM 6 Approved
3488 InfiniteSpark Game Releases * Edits to Grand Finale set: added developer, publisher, TV resolutions * Edits to regular release: box art, developer, publisher, TV resolutions, UPC code 02/16/13 08:10AM 54 Approved

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