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    As one of the most feared BattleMechs in the Inner Sphere, the Atlas is nearly unstoppable due to a combination of heavy armor and powerful weaponry.

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    With its broad, hulking shoulders and signature skull-inspired cockpit, the 100-ton Atlas assault 'Mech was clearly conceptualized as a means to intimidate all who would oppose it on the battlefield. Evoking feelings of dread and panic was unsurprisingly one of the core tenets of its design; its specifications were famously outlined by none other than the legendary Star League general Aleksandr Kerensky, who envisioned a BattleMech that was "as powerful as possible, as impenetrable as possible, and as ugly and foreboding as conceivable, so that fear itself will be our ally." It was a success on all fronts. In short order, it earned a reputation as one of the toughest and deadliest 'Mechs in the Inner Sphere, and its unique appearance ensured that even those lucky enough to survive an encounter with one would not soon forget the experience. Covered in nearly twenty tons of heavy armor and towering over most other 'Mechs with its sixteen-meter frame, even other assault 'Mech pilots would be foolish to underestimate the threat posed by an Atlas.

    By default, the Atlas carries an array of armaments designed to give it superiority in combat at all ranges. This includes an Autocannon, both Long Range and Short Range Missiles, as well as four Medium Lasers. A large number of variations to the standard Atlas exist, and indeed almost any known weapons or specialized equipment modules can be fitted to its chassis. Popular alternate configurations have been known to incorporate Particle Projection Cannons, Gauss Rifles, and even jump jets. The only truly notable weakness of the Atlas is its speed, as even at an all-out sprint it is not particularly quick. Depending on the situation, however, this may not be an inconvenience, and especially in urban environments, where overall maneuverability is restricted, the Atlas can take advantage of a lighter 'Mech's inability to properly leverage its own speed.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
    Atlas Schematic
    Atlas Schematic
    • Affiliation: Inner Sphere
    • Designation: BattleMech
    • Designer: Aleksandr Kerensky
    • Production Sites: Various
    • Cost: 9,626,000 C-Bills
    • Class: Assault 'Mech
    • Weight: 100 Tons
    • Armor: 19 Tons Durallex
    • Top Speed: 54 kph
    • Jump Jets: None
    • 4 Medium Lasers
    • 1 SRM-6
    • 1 LRM-20
    • 1 Autocannon/20

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