Atomic Bomberman

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    Atomic Bomberman was a multiplayer focused game on the PC with a "westernized" style.

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    Atomic Bomberman was developed and published by Interplay and was still licensed by Hudson Soft.

    This was the second Bomberman game to be on the PC (with 1992's Bomberman being the first one), but this one takes a complete twist in with the Bomberman mascot.

    The graphics were changed from the drawn style to 3d models and backgrounds, this also included animations for getting trapped and death animations too. The music had an electronica style as opposed to the upbeat original songs used and voice sampling was used extensively from picking powerups to lose quotes after dying. Extra sounds were even added like when a players drops a lot of bombs in a row, the announcer shouts out quotes, one example would be: “Gang way, gang way coming through. Hot stuff, hot stuff!”


    The gameplay is still the same as previous Bomberman games where the view is still from top down and players blow up bricks to collect powerups and abilities to destroy the other opponents to gain match points. This version of the game differs from the previous versions of Bomberman as the gameplay feels faster and more precise for controlling the characters as well as the time it takes for the flames to fully reach is almost instantaneous as opposed to the flame gradually reaching its peak. It also supports up to local 10 players and online play (as in IPX modem or serial network support). They’ve also removed the revenge option where once a Bomberman has been killed, they cannot throw bombs back onto the field.

    Golden Bomberman

    It still has the Golden Bomberman bonus after winning the game with the set points, which comes in the form of roulette. After the roulette spins, the winner stops wheel and once it stops, the powerup chosen will be automatically granted to that player in the next game.

    Items include:

    • Extra Bomb
    • Extra Flame
    • Gold Flame
    • Speed Brake
    • Boot

    List of the Bomberman players

    Player 1 – White Bomberman

    Player 2 – Black Bomberman

    Player 3 – Red Bomberman

    Player 4 – Blue Bomberman

    Player 5 – Green Bomberman

    Player 6 – Yellow Bomberman

    Player 7 – Teal Bomberman

    Player 8 – Pink Bomberman

    Player 9 – Orange Bomberman

    Player 10 – Purple Bomberman

    As well as playing against each other, there is also a team mode as well, where 2 teams are pitted against each other, Red Bombermen vs White Bombermen.

    There were also extra maps that be chosen in the options menu with the title. One example map was a mode called: Wally Bomb. The map is setup in the form of a volleyball court, where both teams has to either punch or throw the bombs across to each other.


    IconPowerup name and details
    2297904-item_bomb_thumb.pngBomb - Adds the ability to drop extra bomb. Maximum is 10.
    2297906-item_flame_thumb.pngFlame – Increases the length of the flame.
    2297907-item_gold_thumb.pngGolden Flame – Automatically reaches max length.
    2297913-item_skate_thumb.pngRoller States – Increases the speed of the player, can be stacked.
    2297911-item_punch_thumb.pngBoxing Gloves – Used to punch bombs out of the way, useful for players who are trapped.
    2297908-item_grab_thumb.pngGlove/Hand – Throws bombs over walls and tiles. Can also throw on the outside edges too. With both the glove and hand, if a player boucnes a bomb on an opponent’s head, the player gets dizzy and drops their powerups.
    2297910-item_kick_thumb.pngBoot – Kick the bombs across the field, can also stop the bombs ay pressing the secondary button.
    2297916-item_spoog_thumb.pngSpooge – Can lay bombs in a row depending on the amount of bombs the player has. One tip would be to drop the first bomb, wait a few seconds then drop the spooge and quickly escape.

    Skull – The skulls can either help or hinder you in battle. These diseases can be passed onto other players. Multiple skulls can also be collected to gain more diseases. The abilities include:

    • Short Flame
    • Short Fuse
    • Swap Player
    • Constant Bomb Drop – Often shouts out: “Here comes the poop man!”
    • Bomb Drop Disabled – Often shouts out: “Constipation!”
    • Super Slow
    • Super Speedy
    2297905-item_ebola2_thumb.pngEpola - This is the most dangerous item to collect. This is the equivalent of picking up 3 skulls in one go.
    2297917-item_trig_thumb.pngTrigger Bomb – These bombs are the most dangerous items to pick up (even in the hands of AI) as the bombs can be triggered automatically by pressing the secondary button. These bombs only have a finite amount as the number trigger bombs used equals to the number of bombs the player as . I.E. if one Bomberman has 5 bombs stocked up and collects the trigger bomb icon, that Bomberman can only drop 5 trigger bombs. One trick to get more supply of trigger bombs is to collect the jelly, wait for the icon to reappear and collect the trigger bomb icon again.
    2297909-item_jelly_thumb.pngJelly Bomb – Used to bounce bombs back when kicked and if thrown, the bombs will bounce in random directions.
    2297915-item_slow_thumb.pngSpeed Brake – Slows the player down.
    2297912-item_random_thumb.pngRandom – Shown as all the icons spinning, it gives a random item.

    Note: With the Hand and Spooge, they both can't be selected at the same time. When a player has the spooge and picks up the hand, it automatically drops on the floor. The same applies with the items Trigger Bomb, Jelly Bomb and the Boxing Gloves. The Boxing Glove and the Jelly Bomb can be used in conjunction but not the Trigger Bomb.

    Stage Themes

    Players can choose from the following stages, some have unique properties to the stages:

    • Classic Green Acres - Original Bomberman stage
    • Green Acres - Original stage but a high quality version
    • Ancient Egypt - Arrow are placed on the stage so that upon clicking
    • Aliens
    • The Ice Hockey Rink - The floor is slippery.
    • The Beach
    • Under the Ocean
    • Deep Forest Green - Springs are available and upon landing on one, it makes the Bomberman jump and land randomly in a spot.
    • The Coal Mine - 4 teleporters are in the area which makes the player teleport in an anti-clockwise fashion
    • Inner City Trash - Treadmill is in the middle of the stage.
    • Haunted House
    • Random - Chooses any stage except for Aliens and Ice Hockey Rink.

    Map Editor

    There was also map editor that was added to the game but can only be accessed by holding Ctrl and tapping E six times at the main menu. It uses scheme files (Extenstion .sch) to create these maps with a host of options to tweak and adjust. It starts out with the basic grid and the player numbers spread out. There are 67 maps already on the game that can be chosen.


    This was a tool that was used to create the animations for the game and can edit assets like creating new enemies for the single player and editing the animations of the bomberman itself.

    Single Player

    A hidden single player can also be play by pressing C 5 times at the main menu.

    System Requirements

    MINIMUM: IBM or 100% compatible Pentium

    90, 16 MB of RAM, 40 MB free

    hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, LocalBus or PCI

    SVGA video card, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, Windows® 95

    with DirectX 3.0.

    RECOMMENDED: IBM or 100% compatible

    Pentium 133, 32 MB of RAM,

    Gamepad/Joystick supported.

    There are 3 options that can be installed Minimal, Normal or Full, where full would install all assets and all animations could be used as opposed to Normal and Minimal where it would install few assets showing only 1 of each type of sound effect, voice and animation.


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