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    Atropos XR

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A robot that appears in Chrono Trigger. She was once Robo's girlfriend before Mother Brain reprogrammed her.

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    Atropos XR is a robot encountered in the 2300 A.D. era of Chrono Trigger. She is a part of the same series of robots as Robo, but bears the unique physical traits of a pink body and a ribbon on her head. In the past, long before a broken-down Robo was found by the party and repaired by Lucca, she was also Robo's girlfriend. However, her memory is corrupted by Mother Brain to follow the villainous A.I.'s desire to eliminate humanity from the world so that robots may rule in their place. She attempts to court Robo back to Mother Brain's side and refers to him by his original name, Prometheus. However, when Robo refuses, choosing to protect his friends, the two robots engage in a one-on-one battle.

    Upon Atropos's defeat, the corruption in her memory banks is cleared, and she briefly awakens, unaware of the evil things she had done. She then suffers a total breakdown, leaving a devastated Robo with the task of defeating Mother Brain.

    In the normal ending of Chrono Trigger, Atropos reappears in a peaceful scene in the Lavos-free future alongside Robo.


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