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A close friend of "Hero". He follows "Hero" on all story paths. Atsuro loves to tease Yuzu by calling her nicknames.

Atsuro is very tech-savvy. His parents live and work at Silicon Valley, but he stays in Japan because his English is poor. He has been a programmer since at an early age, and has made many friends online through programming forums and websites. There he met Naoya whom Atsuro sees as his idol.

One of his programmer friends, 10BIT, told Atsuro that he has discovered the secret behind the government's bill of recycling electronic items. 10BIT then mysteriously disappears for an extended period of time. 10BIT later appears during the Tokyo Lockdown near dead and gives Atsuro his COMP which contains the secrets he discovered.

Upon figuring out the COMP's password, Atsuro is able to learn the secret behind the bill. The Japanese government has been aggressively trying to pass the bill of recycling electronic goods although the details of the bill is sketchy. With the bill passed, the government places a small chip in all electronic items that can be activated at will. The chip will cause the item to emit a powerful electromagnetic wave similar to that created by a microwave oven.

When all the chips are activated at the same time, it becomes a super weapon called Ultra Electromagnetic Wave (UEM) that will flood the city with microwaves that will obliterate all organic lifeforms. This would probably be the weapon that the government will use when the problem within the Tokyo Lockdown cannot be solved in one week.

Atsuro is also a good friend of Keisuke since middle school. Mari was his private tutor during middle school.

On Atsuro's path, he decides to re-program the COMP server to gain control of all the demons in the world so that they become a help to humanity.

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