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    Attention to Detail Limited

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    Attention to Detail is a now defunct Warwickshire based British development house known for their work on arcade style racing games and working with licenses.

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    Attention to Detail, also known as ATD, is a software developer based in the UK. ATD was formed in September, 1989 by a group of graduates from Birmingham university, as well as working on games they also created some development tools and designed electronic parts for arcade machines. The company worked out of converted barns in the countryside of Warwickshire and at one time had 75 employees working at the studio. The original five founding members are; Chris Gibbs, Fred Gill, Martin Green, Jon Steele and Jim Torjussen. Attention to Detail developed many games that have gained a cult status and had significantly more success in Europe than it ever did in America. The company went out of business on August 28, 2003.

    Games History

    The first games that the company developed were Cybermorph and Battlemorph for the Atari Jaguar, the games gained the ATD little attention as a developer and cybermorph was panned by most critics despite being a pack in game for the system. In March, 1997 Attention to Detail joined GBH which gave it the opportunity to develop the official games for the winter and standard Olympics, Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City 2002. The company achieved it's greatest success with Rollcage for the original Playstation, the game was well received both critically and commercially and allowed them to create the follow up Rollcage: Stage II, they also created a more child friendly game with many of the same mechanics called Firebugs. After the relative success of the Rollcage franchise, ATD was allowed to work with the LEGO license to create Lego Racers 2 and Drome Racers. In 2001 a LEGO racers ride was opened at LEGOLAND in Windsor that was actually designed by Attention to Detail. Drome racers was the last game they ever developed though they were credited in the 2007 release, LEGO Racers & LEGO Racers 2 for their original work on the sequel.


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