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    Attican Traverse

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    The Attican Traverse is the frontier of Citadel space in Mass Effect.

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    About the Traverse

    The Attican Traverse makes the border between Citadel Controlled space and the Terminus System. While there is no set border, the Traverse lies roughly between the  Exodus Cluster, the Attican Beta Cluster, the Caleston Rift and the Horse Head Nebula. The Traverse is often raided by pirates from the Terminus Systems, yet planets rich with resources and Prothean technology continue to lure settlers. 
    Ownership of many border planets is disputed. The Citadel is reluctant to use force to clam planets back from the Terminus System, and instead has allowed the human Systems Alliance to colonize much of the Traverse. Eden Prime is one of the first human colonies inside the Traverse. Human colonization has led to its own set of problems; the planet Noveria being an example. The Noveria Development Corporation has funded and performed highly questionable research that would normally be considered illegal under Council Law. Yet their proximity tothe the Terminus System has allowed them to clam that Council Law does not apply to Noveria, despite it being a human colony. The Council has turned a blind eye to such deveolpments.

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