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    Atton Rand

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    Atton Rand is the second character to join your party in Knights of the Old Republic II. He is a gambling, untrusting, smuggler.

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    Atton is a smuggler and former soldier from the Jedi Civil war who will join the Exile's party in KOTOR2. He is the first party member you will receive, as he is found incarcerated in a force-cell on the Peragus II Mining Facility.

    Atton Rand was originally going to be the name of the protagonist in Star Wars: Jedi Knight- Jedi Academy, but the name was eventually scrapped in favor of Jaden Korr.  Atton has an easter egg in KOTOR II, where if the player has completed the game once on the light side and once on the dark side, when the Exile encounters him on the Peragus mining facility (on the third playthrough) he will say: "I was actually slated to be a spin-off to Jedi Knight, but I don't want to talk about what happened there."


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