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Auntie Cleo's is a corporation on Terra 2 that is one of the corporations that make up Halcyon Holdings Corporation. Auntie Cleo's is owned by Kolway Pharmaceuticals.

Auntie Cleo's is mostly located in Roseway and is the manufacturer of many different pharmaceuticals.

Products Made By Auntie Cleo's

  • Auntie-Biotics Creme
  • Bag of Tobaccorn Ears
  • Catch-Up
  • Energizing Ointment
  • Facial Mask Skin Creme
  • Level Head
  • Lubrinesine Spray
  • Metallisys Gel
  • Oxy-Comp Aromatic
  • Pipe Patch
  • Tripicale Pasta Pack
  • Verity's Breath Inhalant

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