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    Auntie Dot

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    The UNSC AI assigned to assist Noble Team during the Fall of Reach, Dot plays a role in Halo: Reach similar to that of Cortana from the main Halo trilogy.

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    Unlike the vast majority of UNSC AIs, Auntie Dot did not choose a humanoid body as her personal avatar, instead preferring to display an ever-changing grid of blue lights as a representation of herself. This grid serves as Halo: Reach's loading screen, and also accompanies the ending credits. 
    She plays a similar role to Cortana, the Master Chief's AI companion from the main Halo trilogy, coordinating the efforts of Noble Team to defend Reach from the Covenant invasion and relaying them tactical information on the fly. 
    It isn't clear whether Dot is a "smart" AI like Cortana, which would make her truly sentient, or a "dumb" AI like Halo 3: ODST's Superintendent, which would make her merely a very advanced computer program. Since all of her interaction with Noble Team was through remote communications, it is also unknown where exactly Dot's AI was physically stored, or indeed, whether or not she survived the Fall of Reach.
    Auntie Dot was voiced by Carole Ruggier, and her voice is available for use in Firefight mode.


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