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    Aurora Feint

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 10, 2008

    Aurora Feint is a free app that combines the popular match-three mechanic for puzzle games (popularized in Bejeweled) with RPG elements and the iPhone's accelerometer to create a unique blend of gameplay.

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    The core puzzle gameplay is 6 tiles in width and 7 tiles high, with game pieces rising from the bottom of the screen.  Gameplay ends when the tiles reach the top of the game board or the objectives are met.  Tiles are moved and exchanged on the game board by touching and sliding them with your finger in an effort to match three or more similar tiles.  Tiles can only be moved on the horizontal plane, they cannot be moved up or down.  Once matched, the tiles disappear from the gameboard, allowing additional space for new tiles.

    Aurora Feint utilizes the iPhone's built in accelerometer to allow the player to tilt the screen and change the orientation of the game board.  In doing so, tiles fall downward in a potentially different pattern.  In keeping with the game rules, tiles may still only be moved in the horizontal plane.  On its side though, horizontal movement now mimics the previous orientation's vertical movement, opening up new movement possibilities.  By using a combination of tilting, sliding and allowing "gravity" to re-orient the tiles, players can stay ahead of the rising stack.

    Tiles themselves are divided into 5 types (or minerals) and matching similar mineral types adds to your pool of resources.  In-game, this is referred to as mining, as the puzzle game board is set inside a mine.  Once certain mining thresholds are met, the player can then purchase tools and masteries, then move to the smith or to the tower where player must complete a custom puzzle to earn their newly purchased tool or mastery.  Puzzles include mining a certain combination of minerals or completing a puzzle in a limited number of moves.  Movement between the mine, the store, the tower and the smith is achieved via a simple overworld map. 

    To assist in tracking skills, players can also view a status screen for their character.  The status screen tracks the players level, largest combo, level achieved in each of the six tools and five masteries, along with your armor, inventory, weapon, and other attributes. 

    July '08 Security Issue

    Aurora Feint was de-listed from the App Store on July 22, 2008 for security concerns relating to the belief that user's contact list information was sent unsecured to the developer's server in order for friends to find you in the game, and vis versa. This was not true. In a statement by AF developer Jason Citron on July 25th (a day after the game was re-released to the App Store) 4 facts about the issue were given about this issue (quoated verbatim from forums:

    "1) We do not pull data from your contact list before notifying you. There is now a notification in-game when this is done. And it is only done on the community page by YOU pressing the submit button.
    2) We never store your contact list on our web server.
    3) All data sent over the wire is now completely encrypted.
    4) No contact data is saved on your phone's hard drive anymore. This has been removed.

    The contact data was in fact stored on the hard drive of the device, rather than their servers. The main issue was the fact the queries were being sent unsecured. This has now been resolved as stated above.

    Game Updates Update - Not Released Yet

    - Sound defaults to on
    - Fixed bug where block would occasionally get stuck
    - Fixed a potential bug at high frame rates
    - Changed icon to the original leaf Update - September 2, 2008

    - New game play focus on getting chains
    - Player's can now turn off game music and/or SFX from Settings Application
    - Removed low-memory warning
    - Added additional safeguards for account data
    - Minor and major bugfixes
    - Minor cosmetic changes
    - Fixed game score exploits

    Apart from the bug fixes and patches, the game has added a major gameplay change. Now, combos are much harder, due to moments when you complete two non-related block destructions at the same time not counting as combos. To be counted as a combo, destroying a series of blocks must destroy another set without the player altering the blocks in any way. Another thing added is a smooth animation that occurs when you destroy a set of three or more blocks. Update - August 9, 2008
    - Massive frame rate improvements
    - Tons of bug and crash fixed Update
    - July 25, 2008
    As of the release of the game, there are now added security features to address the concerns of users. Tool blocks are also now available in the Mine (automatically), and add a great addition to the gameplay. Currently, purchased items cannot be turned on or off from your inventory, but this will become possible in a future update to the game. The update also comes with several graphical updates including a new intro video and font changes.


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